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NeoSystems Corporation

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Let us help you grow!

Whether you are looking for that one “difficult-to-find” employee or have a large hiring need, NeoSystems is the answer. NeoSystems finds talent across industries – from Government Contractors to Commercial and Nonprofit Organizations. We cover all skills and functions including: Information Technology, Sales, Accounting & Finance, and Project Management. NeoSystems finds qualified candidates for entry-level through C-Suite. Candidates include Government “Cleared” positions including polygraph.

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Recruitment Benefits

  • Increased Candidate Quality
  • Reduced Recruiting Costs
  • Consistent, Predictable Process
  • Compliant Methodology
  • State-of-the-art Candidate Tracking

Corporate Benefits

  • Increased Hiring Manager Satisfaction
  • Enhance Your Employment Brand
  • Reduced Compliance Risk

NeoSystems Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solution

Let NeoSystems focus on recruiting, so your executives and business development personnel can focus on growing your company.

NeoSystems RPO services

NeoSystems RPO professionals bring best-in-class tools including a world-class applicant tracking system with over 200k candidates. NeoSystems turns over every stone to find the talent you need. As an added benefit, you get access to all the candidates without incurring the overhead costs, such as job boards and postings – giving you significant savings.

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