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Non-profit Organization Solutions & Services

 Would you prefer to focus on your mission confident that the compliance and back office functions are being handled by dedicated experts? With NeoSystems’ NPO services, you can. We offer full-scope back office services for non-profits, with solutions ranging from accounting services to IT, human capital management, and more.

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Back Office Support for Non-Profits: Are You Ready to Grow?

NeoSystems delivers strategic, outsourced back office services for non-profit organizations. We provide a staff of industry experts, top-of-the-line software solutions including NetSuite Non-Profit solutions, and an advanced information technology (IT) infrastructure for a solution to your organization’s systems. With decades of experience, our team has developed a deep perspective on the challenges unique to each client. Therefore, you pick just the services you need, and we’ll collaborate with your NPO to make it happen.

From IT services for nonprofits to managed accounting and more, trust NeoSystems to handle your back office operations.

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