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Association Management

Nonprofit Association Management Solutions

Do your teams have a lot on their plates in handling their day-to-day tasks in support of your organization? What if you had a few extra sets of hands to take on some of these functions? From scheduling volunteers, to recruiting new members, to making sure you have enough resources to take care of the people you serve…it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

NeoSystems offers non-profit association management services to help organizations with functions ranging from daily tasks to long-term planning for growth. Our trained professionals have experience in donor relations, fundraising, grants and proposals, membership management, and more.

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The NeoSystems Difference: Non-Profit Association Management Services

Non-profit organizations focus primarily on their mission, their programs, and the people they serve. With broad and deep experience in non-profit association management, NeoSystems shares the knowledge gained across organizations, both large and small, to provide innovative solutions to your challenges. Your nonprofit benefits from our experience and skills:

  • Our experts keep up-to-date with ever-changing requirements for audits, reporting, and other compliance issues
  • We can refine your committee structure for improved function and communication, as well as develop policies and procedures for operation
  • NeoSystems can design complete systems solutions or software packages that integrate with your existing systems for accounting, HR, IT, and other back office services
  • The flexibility of on- or off-site support on a part-time, full-time, or project basis

Our expertise in developing systems and processes that streamline back office systems help non-profits operate like businesses when it comes to accounting, IT, HR, and other support services. That means your non-profit can take advantage of cost-effective methods for efficient operations.

Strategic Alliances with Software Vendors

Through strategic alliances with leading software vendors, NeoSystems delivers services built on today’s premier back office applications. Our service offerings are tailored to each client’s size, budget, and industry to create a comprehensive solution.

NeoSystems Strategic Alliances

Software & Industry Partners