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NeoSystems offer coaching services as part of our system implementations and integrations. Coaching
combines customer support with training to create a system that benefits the client for the long term.
This also includes “coaching”.
Coaching provides our clients with the opportunity to learn not only how to solve problems, but also to
understand why the problem occurred and insight into effective preparation strategies. Clients will
receive one-on-one assistance from our team and learn the best way to tackle similar situations as they
By providing support and training simultaneously, our coaching service will be effective through:

  •  Proactively helping clients maintain use of services and products correctly
  •  Efficiently approaching problems that arise in future instances
  •  Effectively completing tasks with gained knowledge for future use
  •  Actively engaging clients so they become more self-sufficient when problems arise

The goal is to help clients better utilize their financial management system. This enables clients to run
their business more smoothly and efficiently. NeoSystems Coaching services provide support for
systems integration to deliver the expertise your organization needs to manage and maintain your IT
systems, while leaving your IT staff to focus on long-term IT strategies.
Coaching enables clients to train own team and in turn, clientscan more efficiently run their businesses
without the need for additional ongoing support.

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