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Embrace compliance and efficiency with the power of Automated Workflow.

Integrify Software Solutions: Process Automation Simplified

Many businesses face challenges with consistent and traceable cash flow. From days sales outstanding to prompt vendor payments the success or failure of modern businesses is dependent on skillfully executing processes such as these. Automating these manual business processes can save multi-division enterprises time and money.

Certified Integrify Partner - NeoSystems

NeoSystems partners with Integrify, a workflow automation solution that delivers consistent policy execution and improves audit readiness. Every function in your enterprise, from accounting to human resources to information technology (IT), can benefit from process automation. As an Integrify Partner, the NeoSystems team is equipped to implement, host, and consult on Integrify software solutions for your business.

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Business Wins

Enhanced Workflow Automation with Integrify software provides the following key benefits:

  • Leverages tight integration for real-time interaction
  • Sends automated reminders/alerts to ensure tasks get done
  • Enables mobile reviews and approvals
  • Makes compliance and audits as easy as a few clicks

Integrify Workflow Automation Benefits

Integrify - Workflow Automation Benefits

With enhanced workflow automation, your organization will immediately see these tangible benefits:

  • Faster approvals: provide all information to approvers and eliminate time spent finding supporting documentation
  • Consistent policy execution: the automated process routes to the correct predefined approver, eliminating user error
  • Audit ready: with automation, you know the proper process was followed every time – and you can prove it with details of each step
  • Proactive alerts: The automated process alerts approvers when they need to take action and sends reminders when they forget, which keeps the process moving
  • Traceable: You can trace multiple iterations of an approval with documentation of all iterations of forms, attachments, and other data captured in the workflow

Learn more about how Integrify’s automated workflows can help you:

  • Conquer ERP limitations
  • Speed corporate approvals
  • Lower costs and save money
  • Facilitate consistent policy execution
  • Improve audit readiness

From serving as best-of-breed Integrify integration consultants to software optimization consultants, let the NeoSystems team help you make the most out of this dynamic, time-saving platform.

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