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Managed Accounting

Government accounting and reporting requirements issued by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) can be difficult to navigate and can potentially impede business growth. As a government contractor, any day-to-day operational inefficiencies can ultimately affect profitability. Businesses need a resource or trusted advisor who has implemented and operated hundreds of government accounting systems and who has passed hundreds of DCAA audits. That someone is NeoSystems.

NeoSystems’ Managed Accounting Services for Government Contractors

With our outsourced accounting for government contractors, NeoSystems focuses on your company’s unique needs to develop a customized solution. NeoSystems specializes in services, professional staff, government contractor accounting software—including the suite of Deltek products—and training for the full range of managed accounting and reporting functions. If you’re looking for a professional, dedicated team to help with your government contract accounting, we can help.

A few of the GovCon accounting services we offer include:

    • Project Costing Services: We provide both bid and proposal costing services, which include the allocation of indirect expenses.
    • Project Reconciliation: Project reports are compiled and reconciled into the general ledger for you.
    • Contract Billing: We know government billing systems inside and out, and will optimize this process for you, including deciphering customer-specific payment systems and billing support for WAWF.
    • Contract Tracking: Never lose track of a contract again by outsourcing government contractor accounting services that track and report on your backlog of government contracts.
    • Manage Compliance: NeoSystems will help you manage your compliance, both by maintaining compliance with major government entities and by managing audits by DCAA and other entities.

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The Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services For Government Contractors

Our goal at NeoSystems is to improve the flow of information from your accounting operations to the decision-makers in your company. We run and maintain a strong, well-functioning government contract accounting operation that helps your company:

  • Meet Regulations: By offering regulatory and compliance services, NeoSystems supports government contractors’ compliance with major regulatory and auditing agencies. This is especially true of DFARS 7012 hosting requirements for government contractors as it helps maintain data security.
  • Improve Efficiency: Managed accounting services for government contractors improve efficiency by automating or outsourcing basic accounting functions, freeing up resources and saving time and money. Cloud accounting for government contractors also improves efficiency by securing access to essential data.
  • Improve Accuracy: Government contractor accounting outsourcing helps organizations leverage accounting professionals who are able to improve the accuracy of the organization’s accounting system, and who have a 360-degree view of organizational financial management.
  • Enhance Reports: Accounting systems for government contracting provide clear reports and data analyses, which enable deeper insights into the contractor’s performance, allowing for the better management of cash flow and effective decision making in pursuit of opportunities for growth

With support from NeoSystems, your teams can focus on winning new contracts and completing client deliverables.

Our Strategic Alliances with Software Vendors:

Through strategic alliances with leading software vendors, NeoSystems delivers services built on today’s premier back office applications. Our service offerings are tailored to each client’s size, budget, and industry to create a comprehensive solution.

NeoSystems Strategic Alliances

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