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Threat and Vulnerability Infrastructure

NeoSystems Threat & Vulnerability Infrastructure

Organizations use threat and vulnerability management to preemptively defend against the exploitation of vulnerabilities in their company applications, software and networks. With NeoSystems Threat and Vulnerability Infrastructure, companies can effectively implement vulnerability management and become significantly safer from data breaches and theft.

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We recommend breaking this process down into five key steps:

  1. Define the vulnerability management policy
  2. Examine and articulate existing vulnerabilities
  3. Analyze current level of security and rank vulnerabilities by threat level and/or remediation actions required
  4. Take steps to mitigate the causes of vulnerabilities
  5. Maintain vigilant security through ongoing testing and discovery

The effectiveness of your vulnerability management depends on your organization’s ability to keep up with the latest security threats and trends. We help companies become proactive in their threat and vulnerability management efforts, including performing research and analysis on a regular basis.

NeoSystems offers a comprehensive organizational cybersecurity program that addresses both application and network vulnerability management. While application vulnerability management protects the “front door” to a company’s data, network vulnerability management protects the “back door.” Both must be secured for an enterprise to adequately protect its critical data. This is critical to ensure that new threats are protected across both layers.

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NeoSystems – Providing Expert Threat and Vulnerability Management Services

NeoSystems utilizes the latest tools including antivirus programs, firewalls and/or intrusion detection systems as part of our threat and vulnerability management solution. In addition to using these tools, we will run regular security tests against the network from the outside in. This tests the network from the attacker’s perspective, allowing us to discover vulnerabilities before attackers have the chance.

Threat and Vulnerability Infrastructure

We strive to offer strong business value through our threat and vulnerability management solution so you can:

  • Accelerate decision-making with actionable intelligence on vulnerabilities and their remediation
  • Improve efficiency by correlating vulnerabilities with IT assets, and prioritizing remediation efforts based on the areas of highest criticality
  • Improve risk preparedness through an aggregated view of vulnerabilities across systems
  • Stay ahead of threats and vulnerabilities with early warning notifications and proactive remediation mechanisms
  • Gain agility through a flexible approach to threat and vulnerability remediation

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