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Log Collection and Management

Log management is a continuous process for collecting, storing, processing and analyzing your organization’s data. With many modern organizations pulling data from multiple systems and applications, log management is critical for improving oversight of your data. However, using several data sources can make log management more complex for internal teams.

NeoSystems provides secure log management services, so your organization can improve efficiency and better understand its data.

Log Management Services From NeoSystems

With NeoSystems, you can reduce the workload for your internal team by outsourcing the collection, storage, analysis and logging of your data. Data logs are critical resources for your organization because they show security breaches and potential breaches across your applications and systems. Our logging as a service includes:

  • Optimization of data storage and flow
  • Efficient data analysis to better understand your systems
  • Implementation of searching tools for easier log navigation
  • Monitoring of log performance for fault detection

These services enhance your organization’s threat detection capabilities and support timely incident response to reduce the impact of a breach. Optimized data logging and reporting are also essential to Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC).

CMMC compliance is critical to many government contractors. A notable aspect of CMMC requirements is showing proactive security measures and indicating clear monitoring strategies. Log collection and management solutions from NeoSystems facilitate log analysis, correlation and reporting for CMMC compliance demands.

Why Choose NeoSystems for Logging as a Service?

For nearly two decades, NeoSystems has transformed data management for organizations through systems implementation, managed services, hosting and managed security. With our expertise, organizations improve efficiency, strengthen security posture, streamline compliance and accelerate success.

We focus on CMMC compliance for government contractors because we understand the challenges of meeting these requirements. Internal compliance officers often lack the support needed to implement organization-wide changes. Our team provides the expertise to make meaningful changes throughout your organization with log monitoring and many other security solutions.

Goals vary widely between government contractors, but we ensure your services are scalable to suit your demands. NeoSystems is also committed to affordability to ensure our solutions are accessible to government contractors with limited budgets.

Learn More About Our Log Collection and Management Solutions

NeoSystems delivers solutions that improve operational efficiency, enhance security posture and streamline compliance. Log management is one of many ways our team supports more transparency and proactive data protection for your organization. Get in touch with us to discuss your goals and develop a service plan for your needs.

What we do:

Log Management Implementation 

  • Install and configure audit log collectors either on-premise or in cloud
  • Configure log ingest parsers and filters 
  • Configure alerts for known bad or suspicious events 
  • Configure escalation and reporting processes

Log Management (ongoing) 

  • Maintain log collector appliance(s). 
  • Manage collection and retention of audit logs from covered IT assets. 
  • Review audit logs for suspicious or unauthorized activity. 
  • Analyze and triage events to support event resolution and incident declaration. 
  • Monthly Security Review meeting to review activity, alerts, and tuning recommendations. 
  • Initiate investigations, alerts, and escalations as appropriate to respond to suspicious or unauthorized activity. 
  • Changes or break-fix in log source ingest setup due to change in log sources after initial implementation. 
  • Retain logs for 365 days. 



  • Meets CMMC Level 2 requirements including: logs collected, analyzed, and stored for one year.
  • Enables companies to avoid the significant upfront capital costs required for an in-house log management solution.  
  • Enables companies to avoid the significant operational costs of an in-house solution, such as attracting and retaining specialized talent to maintain and operate the service
  • Speeds time to results since you avoid having to build a compliant solution from scratch
  • Monthly reporting to support audit requirements

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