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NeoSystems Corporation

CMMC Audit Prep and Readiness

The Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is designed to improve cybersecurity practices within an organization. The CMMC program is integral to compliance for government contractors associated with the Department of Defense (DoD). At NeoSystems, we provide the support you need to prepare for your upcoming CMMC audit.

Our CMMC Audit Preparation Services

NeoSystems provides tailored CMMC audit preparation services to help organizations assess their cybersecurity practices. These audits involve three key areas:

  • Assessment and alignment of internal policies, procedures and technical controls with CMMC requirements
  • Conducting regular self-assessments to maintain compliance over time
  • Implementing corrective actions for misaligned internal policies to improve the overall cybersecurity posture

Our qualified team partners with your organization to fully prepare you for your upcoming audit. Through program reports and step-by-step implementation, we help your team follow through with CMMC policies and improve your organization’s awareness of cybersecurity practices.

These CMMC readiness assessments are a valuable step in preparing for third-party audits. You can reduce the risk of noncompliance by carefully reviewing your organization’s current cybersecurity practices in alignment with CMMC.

Government contractors facing noncompliance with CMMC can experience loss of contract awards, denied teaming opportunities and damaged reputation that may be challenging to recover from. Mitigate the risk and turn to NeoSystems for CMMC audit preparation support.

Why Partner With NeoSystems for Your CMMC Readiness Assessment?

NeoSystems has years of experience with specializations in systems implementation, managed services, hosting and managed security. Our expertise in CMMC requirements allows our team to support government contractors and other security-conscious organizations to accelerate their success.

Our focus on GovCon has empowered our team to provide purpose-built services for CMMC compliance. While audit preparation is one avenue of this specialty, we offer many other CMMC-focused services, from CMMC supply chain solutions to incident management and response. Our support services are scalable to suit your organization’s needs, and we maintain affordability for small and medium-sized government contractors to keep cybersecurity hygiene accessible.

While NeoSystems helps organizations remain compliant, we also find ways to help them save money, identify risks and improve the efficiency of many internal processes. These processes can be challenging to manage internally. With our expert support, you can identify gaps in your processes and build a secure, more robust organization.

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NeoSystems is a reputable partner for CMMC audit preparation. Strengthen your existing systems, improve efficiency and reduce the risk of noncompliance.

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