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NeoSystems Corporation

Costpoint Optimization Services

Deltek Costpoint Optimizations

NeoSystems specializes in assisting government contractors using Deltek Costpoint in optimizing their system by assessing the current utilization of the system, feasibility of unused modules, and new functionality that could allow the company to streamline their system processing. We have experience with diverse accounting, reporting and database systems and tools on numerous platforms.

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Our optimization services include:

  • System Optimization Review 
  • Module Specific Review 
  • Extensibility Development and Implementation 
  • Implementation of 3rd party tools integrating with Costpoint 
  • Implementation of unused Costpoint Functionality

Our Costpoint System Optimization Process

the neosystems costpoint optimization process

Here are some of the steps we take to optimize your Costpoint system:

  • Interviews with functional leads – These interviews will determine the current processes of the organization and explore opportunities for improvement with those closest to day-to-day operations. 
  • Review Costpoint system controls – We will review key controls set up in the Company’s financial system and identify potential issues as well as opportunities for improvement. 
  • Review configuration logic – Basic configuration of Costpoint is an often-overlooked area that may open new paths to streamlining business processes and procedures.
  • Run financial reports and utilities – NeoSystems will review standard Costpoint reports and utilities to ensure basic expectations are being met and identify potential issues that may uncover underlying problems. 
  • Compare customization versus unused Costpoint functionality – Many companies have developed customized in-house solutions to specific needs years ago that may now be addressed by native Costpoint functionality.  We will review those customizations for any such native Costpoint solutions or where other additional software solutions may be utilized for a specific purpose. 
  • Document findings and recommendations – Our final deliverable will be a comprehensive report detailing the results of all the steps above and providing potential and recommended options for a path forward to optimize the financial system that meets the needs of the Company.

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Benefits of Costpoint Optimization

benefits of optimizing your costpoint system

Optimizing your Costpoint system can provide many benefits to your accounting staff and your organization. These include increased efficiencies, reduced labor costs and reduced 3rd party application costs.Here are just a few benefits you’ll see from our Costpoint Optimization Program:  

  • Take better advantage of inherent “Out of the Box” functionality wherever possible
  • Enable processes that are more efficient and accurate (I.e., enter information once vs. duplicate entry)
  • Standardize your methodology and business rules across the organization
  • Consolidate and centralize your processes (I.e., centralized AP, Payroll, GL)
  • Better segregate costs by legal entity
  • More consolidated Financial Statement Reporting
  • Set up System Security by Division/Entity
  • Create true interfaces with 3rd party products
  • Feel confident that you are in compliance with government contractor regulations (FAR, DFARs, etc)

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Why Choose NeoSystems As Your Costpoint Partner

neosystems has a large team of costpoint consultants

NeoSystems offers a large team of qualified, experienced consultants who assist our clients with their implementation of various software applications, including data migration from legacy or outside systems and integrations between applications, whether within a given infrastructure or across the web. This also includes complex financial modeling in Workday Adaptive Planning, and BI reporting using IBM Cognos Analytics. Our comprehensive professional services include:

  • ERP System Assessments
  • ERP System Optimizations
  • ERP System Implementations
  • ERP System Upgrades
  • ERP Data Migration, Conversion and Consolidation
  • Reporting – Build and Enhance
  • Business Process & System Reviews
  • Coaching and Training
  • Integrations and Interfaces Between Systems
  • Cloud and On-Premise Technical Support
  • Change Management

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Do you feel like you’re just not getting enough out of your Costpoint system? Take our brief Costpoint Optimization Assessment to determine how well you are utilizing Costpoint. 

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