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Costpoint Upgrade Quiz


Welcome to NeoSystems’ Costpoint Upgrade Quiz

Deltek announced that Costpoint 7.1.1 has entered Sustaining Support as of March 1, 2022. During the Sustaining Support period, no new enhancements or low priority hotfixes from Deltek will be provided. Deltek will continue to provide Severity 1 hotfixes, critical security patches and regulatory updates during this phase.

Costpoint 8.1 is available with limited availability for on premise customers. Cloud upgrades to 8.1 have begun as of March 2022. With the availability of 8.1, Costpoint 8.0 has moved from Active Support to Maintenance Support. This means changes to 8.0 will be limited to critical defect repair, security and regulatory updates. Additionally, in accordance to the release methodology changes introduced in 2019, 8.0 is currently scheduled to move to Sustaining Support on December 1, 2022.

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