Managed HR Services & Staff Augmentation

Managed HR Services

NeoSystems offers seasoned experts and industry-leading software to manage your HR functions and take the burden off your staff. With our managed HR services, your organization can tap into professionals who quickly and efficiently turn your back office functions into advantages for funding, new business, and, ultimately, greater success.

Our managed HR services support your organization throughout the entire employee life cycle. From recruitment through alumni management, our talented HR professionals guide you through every step of the employee administration process. Learn more about our services for the employee life cycle.

Staff Augmentation

NeoSystems offers staff augmentation services to supplement your organization’s staff during peak workload times. We provide on- and off-site services on a short- or long-term basis depending on your support needs. Our industry experts report directly to your management, so that you remain in control.

Our professionals specialize in the latest accounting procedures to meet compliance requirements and advanced IT technologies, including:

  • Accounting: Compliant with DCAA, GAAP, CAS, FAR, and DFARS standards for government contractors
  • IT: Expert in best practices for the latest accounting and other back office systems software, such as:
    • Deltek suite of accounting software for government contractors
    • IBM Cognos suite of financial planning and analysis tools
    • Serenic Navigator and Microsoft Dynamics NAV for nonprofit accounting
    • Ethical Advocate for regulatory compliance

Your organization can draw on our professionals’ expertise on an as-needed basis. This flexibility allows you and your teams to concentrate on ways to better serve clients and grow, rather than divert time and attention to administrative functions.

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