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NeoSystems Corporation

Sandra Fox

Vice President, Client Services

sandy foxSandra Fox – Vice President, Client Services

Sandra Fox has over 30 years experience in government contractor accounting, including over 25 years using the Deltek software suite. With NeoSystems, her expertise includes assisting large or publically-held commercial organizations in creating federal divisions or subsidiaries. This includes designing and maintaining compliant financial and cost accounting systems and assuring the proper segregation of activities and cost allocations.

In addition, Sandra leads NeoSystems’  Policy & Procedure Management practice, which includes the authoring of policies needed by government contractors to quickly and easily pass DCAA system reviews.

Prior to joining NeoSystems, Sandra was Director of Finance and Administration, overseeing the Finance, Contracts, Human Resources, and Facility operations for a large USAID contractor. During her 10 year tenure, Sandra was able to transition the entity from having qualified audit opinions to receiving consistently favorable audit reports with no recommended entries, along with significant lines of credit, and strong banking relationships.

Previously, Sandra served as a Systems Consultant at Deltek Systems in assisting companies with the design and implementation of Deltek accounting systems.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Maryland.

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