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NeoSystems Unveils NeoSMRT 2.0 to Track CMMC Compliance of Supply Chain

February 14, 2023 | BY: NeoSystems

New Multi-Tenant Platform Enables Primes to Track, Educate and Support Compliance of Partners, Vendors and Suppliers in prep for CMMC Assessments

RESTON, Va., February 14, 2023 –NeoSystems, a full-service strategic outsourcer, IT systems integrator and managed services provider to the government contracting market, unveiled NeoSMRT 2.0 to help government contractors track, educate and support the path to CMMC compliance. With primes carrying responsibility for their subcontractors, the multi-tenant platform offers an efficient way for government contractors to get a handle on CMMC readiness of their supply chains through new assessment tools.

Today a majority of Defense Intelligence Base (DIB) businesses, mainly SMB suppliers that provide critical services and capabilities to federal, state and local governments, have substantial security and IT compliance gaps. NeoSMRT 2.0 enables suppliers to track progress on CMMC certification as well as to help critical suppliers achieve their own certifications.

“Primes are selecting Subcontractors today for current and future contracts based upon their compliance status right now,” said Brian Giblin, CMMC-AB RP, director of CMMC readiness for NeoSystems. “Not only do primes need to make sure they are ready to be CMMC certified but with large supply chain networks the task can easily become daunting. NeoSystems is helping to add process and manageability to this initiative so that contractors do not lose business as a result of the complexity of program compliance.”

The platform provides Prime contractors with a dashboard for:

  • Real-time supplier readiness status
  • Ongoing analysis and reporting of supplier engagement
  • Supplier access to CMMC education and training resources (articles, podcasts, on-demand webinars)
  • Supplier engagement with CMMC news and updates and intensive email outreach
  • Tools for suppliers to identify gaps and track progress toward certification and
  • Straggler campaigns targeting suppliers with incorrect data or lack of activity.

The NeoSMRT platform is especially helpful in getting subcontractors up to speed through its training portal. It provides subcontractors with CMMC-specific knowledge and training resources. Free webinars, podcasts, official documentation and industry articles are included in the portal.

The NeoSMRT 2.0 platform is available free of charge to any government contractor. Additional NeoSystems services also can be purchased through the platform for a fee.

“We are focused on helping our clients manage their operations in 2023,” said Michael Tinsley, president and CEO of NeoSystems. “Building out an ecosystem that enables their growth and productivity is what NeoSystems is all about. It’s our mission to enable our clients to efficiently and effectively run their businesses through automated processes. NeoSystems is strategically positioned to be a trusted partner on the road to CMMC compliance.”

About NeoSystems

NeoSystems, based in Reston, Virginia, is a full-service strategic outsourcer, IT systems integrator and managed service provider for the government contracting market. NeoSystems provides core solutions to more than 600 client companies and their 100,000+ client employees with its outsourced services by implementing hundreds of fully integrated financial, business and cyber management systems through best-of-breed technology and in-depth domain expertise in Accounting & Finance, IT, HR, Security and Hosting (SSAE SOC1 & SOC2, ITAR). NeoSystems has been named one of America’s fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.





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