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Video Blog: Get to Know Team Neo – Keisha Freeman

December 12, 2022 | BY: NeoSystems
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Through UKG Pro, NeoSystems provides Payroll Administration and Tax Management, Compliance, Benefits Management, Open Enrollment, Recruiting, and On-Boarding as well as property, skills, and certification tracking – all through a cloud-based manager & employee self-service platform. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our comprehensive UKG Pro consulting & support services.

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Don Carnevale: Hello, everyone. Welcome to our latest NeoSystems UKG Pro video blog. 

I’m Don Carnevale, director of corporate marketing at NeoSystems. I’m joined today by Gregory Giancola and our newest UKG Pro consulting employee, Keisha Freeman. Keisha, great to have you here. 

We’re gonna take a little bit of a different tact with today’s video blog. Today is going to be getting to know the new Neo employee, which is obviously Keisha. 

So, Gregory, why don’t you get us started, so we can get to know Keisha a little bit better.

Gregory Giancola: Perfect. Keisha, you’ve been here for close to a month and a half now. So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Keisha Freeman: Well, it’s nice to join this team. I’m having a lot of fun and we get a lot of work done also. 

But I have been with UKG or with the system for over eight years.

I’ve been on the consulting side, I’ve also been on the support side, and I’ve also been a customer. So all these avenues and I’m looking forward to working with everybody that comes on board on Neo, you know, and give you what I know and we work together.

Don Carnevale: That’s great, Keisha, thanks very much. 

I did want to ask you, you mentioned your experience with UKG Pro, what’s your favorite aspect of UKG Pro, if you can name that?

Keisha Freeman: Favorite aspect, it’s very user friendly. Everything is there and if you don’t know where it is, you will also get help in finding out where it is/how to do it. 

So I love this system. It’s one of my favorite software. I’ve used a couple but this is one of my favorites and that’s the reason why I love it; easy to use and easy to find everything that you need.

Don Carnevale: Great, now in your years of working with UKG Pro, can you talk about one of your clients biggest successes with the product? 

Keisha Freeman: Yes, one of the things that I love is and one of my favorite is the audit system that UKG provides. 

You could personalize those audit systems by, you know, with BI reports. One of my favorites is the negative wage report. It’s not a BI report but that’s one of my favorites that I tend to run after every payroll, and I’ll encourage you to run it after every payroll. That way you can catch your negative wage, and it will prevent adjustments which a lot of people don’t like. 

And two, you know, it will make you have a cleaner payroll going towards the next whether it’s the next quarter or the next year.

Don Carnevale: Great. Now, Keisha, you mentioned earlier that you really kind of sat on all sides of this as a UKG consultant, as a support member, as a UKG user. 

What tips or tricks would you recommend for today’s UKG Pro user?

Keisha Freeman: Pretty much like I said before, and I’m going to go back on this because this is extremely important. Your audits are very important. 

Here’s one of the reasons and not just audits after payroll but audits also before payroll. It could make your payroll cleaner. It could also, you know, once you do the audits and you get stuff down, you won’t have errors, you won’t have mistakes, and you won’t have to do the work twice. 

So that’s one of the key tips that I will say and that goes for any aspects, not just the payroll aspect of it. That goes in terms of even you know, setting up anything, just make sure that you, you know, do your due diligence with the audits.

Don Carnevale: Okay, great. And this wouldn’t be a proper conversation, Keisha, without asking a subtle self question, which is, what’s one fun fact that everyone should know about Keisha?

Keisha Freeman: Fun fact. So I have three sons. 

And every 11 years I had one so they’re all 11 years apart. 

So that’s a fun fact. So three boys, 11, that’s my lucky number. 

I’m gonna have to buy that in something. I don’t know what in the lottery or something.

Don Carnevale: That’s great. That’s very interesting. 

So, Keisha, it’s been great having you. Thanks so much for taking a few minutes with us. It’s been great getting to know you a little bit more and we’re happy to have you on the team here at NeoSystems 

Keisha Freeman: Thank you. 

Don Carnevale: Thanks all, this concludes our video blog for today. 

Obviously I want to thank Gregory and Keisha for joining us. 

So stay tuned for next time where we will have another get to know the Neo employee with a surprise employee so don’t miss that one coming up soon. 

Thanks and have a great day.

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