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Video Blog: How UKG Pro Helps with Open Enrollment and Year End

October 01, 2021 | BY: NeoSystems
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Through UKG Pro, NeoSystems provides Payroll Administration and Tax Management, Compliance, Benefits Management, Open Enrollment, Recruiting, and On-Boarding as well as property, skills, and certification tracking – all through a cloud-based manager & employee self-service platform. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our comprehensive UKG Pro consulting & support services.

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Don Carnevale: Hello, and welcome to our latest NeoSystems UKG Pro Consulting blog video. I’m Don Carnevale, Director of Corporate Marketing at NeoSystems, and I’m joined today again by Gregory Giancola, Senior Manager, UKG Pro Consulting at NeoSystems.

Gregory – it’s good to see you again!

Gregory Giancola: Good to see you, Don. It’s been awhile!

Don: It has!

Now it’s been some time since our last session, and we’re nearing the end of the year. Are there any important items that the organizations should be focusing on right now with UKG Pro?

Gregory: Great question. There are two that immediately come to mind, especially if they are new to the UKG world. The two that do come to mind are open enrollment – as HR professionals, we’re nearing into that timeframe – and then from a payroll perspective, getting the system ready to not only be closed out for the year to produce those W-2s or W-2Cs depending on the cases, but to also to get ready for the upcoming year as well. So those are two big items that employers or organizations should really be focusing on right now, if their HR world centers around open enrollment. I know some organizations will do open enrollment like NeoSystems earlier in the year, but if they’re within the capacity, now is the time to really start focusing on that.

Don: Yeah, now that is some great insight, Gregory.

Can you talk a little bit about how NeoSystems offers support and services in these areas?

Gregory: Yeah, so from an open enrollment standpoint, we’re able to work with your organizations and either develop the open enrollment solution directly, or we can do what’s known as trust advisory where we’re working with a client directly, working with them and exchanging a transfer of knowledge so that they’re setting up the system, they’re understanding how the system functions, and launching it out to their employee populations. We can also help in the evaluation and the reconciliation process of the open enrollment itself – make sure that, okay, everything is ticking and tying, we can see the changes that have occurred, but also ensuring that the transmission of the data for the new elections goes over to the various benefits providers in a timely fashion, or helping you if you’ve gone through a couple of changes and you have new benefits, helping your organization design exports to transmit that data over for those third-party carriers.

Now from a year-end payroll processing standpoint, we can certainly help in multiple fashions in that capacity. We can do, again, the trusted advisory services where we’re just walking you through the navigation and being a point of reference as you’re going through the process, or we can be the ones that actually do your year end processes, work with UKG to make sure the files transmit over in a timely fashion to ensure that everybody gets their W-2s or their T-4s or their A1s from a Canadian perspective.

Don: Excellent, excellent.

You mentioned earlier about the timing and importance of open enrollment right now at this time of the year as we are getting into the fall. What advice would you give to clients that may be going through their first open enrollment or year-end?

Gregory: First things first is make sure from an open enrollment standpoint that you are working with your carrier, providers, or benefit brokers and you’re understanding what are your rate changes or what new benefits are going to potentially be offered and making sure the system is going to be able to accommodate those, and then ultimately be transmitted. And in conjunction with that, ensuring that your employee populations understand what changes are being offered and know how to work within the system to make those elections.

From a year-end standpoint, one of the things I always advocate to my clients is validate, validate, validate your data. There are numerous resources within the product, from standard reports – for instance a payroll manager should be looking at a company tax verification which has the various state IDs and rates associated that are within the product, in conjunction with a company mater profile report that payment services offers and provides that those two reports should be balancing out one-to-one. If they’re not, then there’s some troop that has to occur. Make sure you’re looking at your tax liability grand total reports, not only on a per payroll basis but on a quarterly basis as well. Same thing with your collections details reports – these are reports that are making sure your tax information is balancing out correctly. And you should also be running in advance of W-2 season, the W-2 detailed report which is going to give you a snapshot of what your W-2s are going to look like. And then there are two other reports I strongly recommend running by employee, and that is the wage detail report and the negative wages report. As UKG Pro users, we know that we cannot have negative wages going into our year-end, everything has to be a positive wage. If you have negative wages, you’re not going to be able to produce your W-2s. And just making sure that if you’re new to the year-end process, UKG does offer training from both the Canadian perspectives and the US perspectives to help you navigate that but also NeoSystems is here to help in those capacities as well. So to really sum it up, make sure you’re truly validating and you’re taking advantage of the resources at your disposal.

Don: Thanks, Gregory. That’s some really great information, on those two areas in particular.

I wanted to take a moment here to encourage all of you who follow this video blog, that we’d really like to hear from you. If there are any topics related to UKG Pro that you’d like to see us address in this video blog, please let us know. Reply in the comments section of this blog post here on our website. We want to hear from you to better understand which critical topics you and your organizations are facing and dealing with on a regular basis. Please let us know and we’re happy to address those in a future video blog session.

So Gregory, thank you again for your time, and that will end today’s session. Have a great day everyone.

Gregory: Thanks, Don. Take care, everybody.


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