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Video Blog: NeoSystems/UKG Partnership

March 19, 2021 | BY: NeoSystems
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Through UKG Pro, NeoSystems provides Payroll Administration and Tax Management, Compliance, Benefits Management, Open Enrollment, Recruiting, and On-Boarding as well as property, skills, and certification tracking – all through a cloud-based manager & employee self-service platform. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our comprehensive UKG Pro consulting & support services.

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Don Carnevale: Hello everyone, and welcome to our newest video blog where I am joined by our Senior Manager, UKG Pro Consulting & Practice Lead, Gregory Giancola. 

Welcome back, Gregory.

Gregory Giancola: Hey Don, happy Friday!

Don: Thank you! 

Today we’re going to spend just a few minutes talking about how NeoSystems and UKG work together. NeoSystems has a unique partner relationship with UKG. 

Gregory, can you talk a little bit about that?

Gregory: Sure! Yup, so first off our partnership is defined as what’s known as an implementation partner. So what that means is, we’ve gone through the same level of certification and training that UKG employees go through to be able to consult on the product. This allows us to be able to do implementations, but also able to consult on ad-hoc projects from an optimization perspective as well.

Don: That’s great! 

And you mentioned certifications – what kind of certifications does NeoSystems hold with regards to UKG?

Gregory: Great question! So we actually hold quite a few certifications. The first and foremost certification that we hold is certification in the core product, so HR and Payroll, but we also hold certifications in Workforce Management, one of UKG Pro’s time products, we also hold certifications in Cognos Analytics, the report writing mechanism within UKG Pro. 

In addition to those certifications, we hold two additional ones: Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, so we are able to advise on recruiting and onboarding, in addition to performance management, succession management, and compensation management – so a lot of managements we’re able to consult off of. 

And we’re also working actively towards two additional certifications in Data Conversion and Canada Implementations.

Don: Great! 

And here at NeoSystems, we also offer UKG Pro as part of our managed services. Can you talk a little bit about that?

Gregory: Yup! So we offer two managed service offerings here at NeoSystems – Managed Payroll and Managed Human Capital. Under both of those attributes, what we do is bring our clients onto the product, they’re on our licenses, and we’re running their payroll or we’re staffing their HR and using the product to help meet their business needs and business objectives. Right now, from a Managed Payroll perspective, we have over 30 clients that we’re processing payroll for, and a great number of those are also taking advantage of our Human Capital Management offering as well.

Don: You know I really like how we use UKG Pro here at NeoSystems, Gregory. As an end-user, I’m able to participate in our annual benefits enrollment and access my paystubs in UKG Pro, and I also use the mobile app on a regular basis. 

How else are we using the tool internally?

Gregory: Well first off, kudos to you for having downloaded the mobile app and using that. I really enjoy using the mobile app, I use it on a weekly basis to get information when I am not in front of my computer. 

But the other areas that we’re using the product internally are really from an entire Employee Lifecycle process. I know I’ve talked about that before with the use of the product but we use the Recruiting product so we can source the best talent, we use the Onboarding tool so we’re able to offer a very unique onboarding experience so the new talent is getting used to our culture but also making sure they’re compliant in all the new hire forms that ended completed.

Like you said, you’re going through your benefits enrollment when we offer that in August, but we’re also able to have our employees who have marriages, births, go out and perform their life events also with the tool. Fourth quarter is always very busy here at NeoSystems, especially from an HR perspective, year-end perspective but as you know last fourth quarter you went through the performance process, so we are using the product in that fashion and that also leads over into our merit increase process where we are using the salary and compensation tool within the product. 

One other thing that you did not mention but I know you’ve used a few times, as have I, being an employee of NeoSystems, is the product called Document Acknowledgement. So this is where you are able to have documents that get pushed out to the current population – not so much our new hires but our current population – to make sure that things like our Employee Handbook, our Code of Conduct are being signed off on and being reviewed in a very timely fashion but we’re actually capturing the attestation from the employee that they have gone out and reviewed it.

Don: That’s great. 

You’ve talked a lot about our relationship with UKG, Gregory. Is there anything you would like to add before we wrap up?

Gregory: No, like I said before, we are an implementation partner, we’re a consulting firm around the product, but we’re also a client. And I think the fact that we’re a client, really helps us stand out amongst other partners because we’re not only just consulting off of a product but we’re also using it in our day to day lives here at NeoSystems, and we’re also offering it to organizations that are on a growth trajectory to be able to have a very robust HCM Payroll product but they don’t want to pay for it because sometimes it’s just a little outside of their price point as a startup or a very small organization. So the fact that we’re a client and that we’re able to use this internally and have many other clients jump onto it, I think that is a unique factor that really makes us stand out.

Don: Well thanks, Gregory. That’ll do it for today’s video blog. Please join us for the next blog coming up soon. So have a great day. Goodbye.

Gregory: Thanks, Don. Have a great weekend.

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