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Video Blog: Meet Jessica, a Member of NeoSystems’ UKG Pro Consulting Team

April 19, 2021 | BY: NeoSystems
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Through UKG Pro, NeoSystems provides Payroll Administration and Tax Management, Compliance, Benefits Management, Open Enrollment, Recruiting, and On-Boarding as well as property, skills, and certification tracking – all through a cloud-based manager & employee self-service platform. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our comprehensive UKG Pro consulting & support services.

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Don Carnevale: Hello everyone and welcome to our latest Neosystems UKG video blog. I’m Don Carnevale, Director of Corporate Marketing at Neosystems. I’m joined today by Gregory Giancola, Senior Manager of UKG Pro Consulting as well as a special guest, Jessica Helton, UKG Pro Senior Consultant from Neosystems.

Gregory and Jessica, welcome!

Jessica Helton: Hi!

Gregory Giancola: Thanks, Don!

Don: So Jessica, it’s great to have you here! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and the great work you’re doing for our clients?

Jessica: Sure I have been working for Neosystems for almost 10 years now. For those 10 years I’ve been processing on UKG Pro, for the past seven years, I have been implementing as a System Consultant. We also offer our trusted advisory services as well as payroll processing support and I do all of those things!

Gregory: So it sounds like you are really a jack of all trades here. With your dynamic background and your exposure to the UKG Pro product, what is one thing that you’ve seen that really stands out in your mind within this product?

Jessica: One of the things that I love about UKG Pro is really the user-friendliness of the product. It’s very easy to navigate through your different menus, to find your different options and your tools to utilize. They also have a great and robust product where in most of the screens they give you tips and tricks on how to navigate, they have how-to videos for different things and they also offer a very robust internal training program where you can do videos in session, I’m sorry, live in-person training with actual instructors that’s offered to the clients for free all year round

Gregory: That’s really good to hear!

As a System Consultant, as you’re going through the implementation processes, how important is the training aspect that you just mentioned for those customers that are going through the launch process?

Jessica: Whenever I’m implementing or even offering trusted advisory services I try to really drive home the importance of the training. One of the great things about the UKG Pro training is that they give you a very high-level view of the system so it may not necessarily be catered to a specific organization but they give you enough information that you can take back how to actually function within the product and then cater that back to what your organization actually will need.

Gregory: That’s really good to hear! Sorry, Don!

Don: Sorry Gregory! 

Jessica, that’s interesting! Can you talk a little bit about how different organizations from different industries are using UKG Pro on a daily basis?

Jessica: Sure! So one of the best things about working for NeoSystems is the wide array and plethora of clients that we actually have. We have non-profits, we work with, you know, different religious affiliations, different government organizations and everyone – and when I say everyone, I mean everyone – utilizes the system in a completely different capacity and that’s also one of the other great things about UKG Pro, you have people who are using it strictly as their HRIS system, you have people who are only using it to process their payroll and then you have other organizations who are more robust who are using the onboarding, recruiting and compensation modules and really using the product to its full capabilities.

Gregory: Since you have a very wide range of clients and you work with clients in multiple industries, what is one thing that really over time stands out in your mind as something that is either helpful to clients or that you help with your clients?

Jessica: I think one of the things that I like most about the client setting is the diversification of the industries, that we get to really have an insider look into every organization. As I stated before, it differs one from the other and you can learn something from say a financial organization that you can take to a school, that’s beneficial to their process that maybe they weren’t necessarily thinking of because they’re not necessarily in that space. So the client realm, the fact that the clients are rotating, the fact that we get to put our hands in so many different facets of industry is amazing to me.

Gregory: So with that in mind I know you’re working on a few series of blogs. Can you tell us a little bit about that and how your exposure to past industries and past clients is shaping those blogs?

Jessica: I am! As I stated I have been in the accounting finance payroll world for about 15 years now so I have a lot of, I’d say, insider knowledge to, as I stated before, industries, different practices, best procedures, things of that nature and so in my blog I kind of try to share a little bit of the knowledge that I’ve gained over time with, you know, my peers.

My next article is actually going to be payroll tips and tricks that I’ve picked up along the way, that I’ve helped, you know, give to other people, that have helped them in their processes and then tricks that people have given me that have helped, you know, make me better.

Gregory: That sounds very exciting! When should we anticipate this next vlog release from you?

Jessica: Actually my next blog release should be next week!

Gregory: Oh good, good!

Don: Great! Jessica, thanks so much! It was great having you here and hearing about your experiences and the work you do with clients.

Gregory, of course always great to have you on the video blog!

That’ll wrap it up for today, so again thank you all for joining us and please tune in for the next video blog that will be coming soon. Take care!

Gregory: Take care!

Jessica: Bye!

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