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Video Blog: Why to Consider UKG Pro

March 05, 2021 | BY: NeoSystems
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Through UKG Pro, NeoSystems provides Payroll Administration and Tax Management, Compliance, Benefits Management, Open Enrollment, Recruiting, and On-Boarding as well as property, skills, and certification tracking – all through a cloud-based manager & employee self-service platform. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about our comprehensive UKG Pro consulting & support services.

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Don Carnevale: Hello everyone, welcome to the latest video blog. Today I’m pleased to be joined by Gregory Giancola, the Senior Manager of UKG Pro Consulting, here at NeoSystems.

Gregory, thanks for joining me!

Gregory Giancola: Thanks, Don!

Don: So, Gregory, I think we just want to talk a little about a few quick questions. There’s a lot of Human Resources Information Systems out there, and many companies are really still struggling with what they’re using. Why should companies consider UKG Pro as their HCM and payroll tool?

Gregory: That’s a really great question.

Here’s my personal belief on why organizations should be looking at UKG pro to explore and meet their HR and payroll needs. It’s a one-stop-shop – that being that it has the ability for organizations to do the recruiting, the onboarding processes, it also allows for organizations to handle their own internal lifecycle changes for their population and obviously payroll them for those salary changes, salary decreases, etc. but does benefit management, does integrations with various benefits providers – your TransAmericas, your Cignas, your Aetnas of the world.

It has a very robust reporting mechanism – Business Intelligence or they’ve now just recently updated the name to Business Analytics – so it’s a very strong report writer that organizations do have the ability to go out and create their own unique reports along with using a lot of the standard reports that come within the core functionality.

It also allows organizations to handle compensation management and performance management abilities. Organizations can really be strategic with their HR processes and also their payroll processes.

Some additional benefits from this product that are ever-evolving with UKG Pro is, they now have the ability to do file and case management, so HR is now being turned into a service delivery model, almost similar to an IT fashion where employees and managers or even admins at that level can enter various requests and have a one-stop-shop or a centralized hub to track all these items. Of course, there is also the ability to track time and time off within the product. So it really does offer, not to keep repeating myself, organizations a one-stop approach in a completely unified solution.

Don: That’s great! I’m looking forward to, in some of our future sessions, really drilling down into some of those modules and features that you just mentioned.

There’s been a lot of exciting things going on over the last year or so with the merger of Kronos and Ultimate Software into the new company which is called UKG. Can you speak to what this newly formed company is bringing to the market in regards to their HCM and Payroll solutions?

Gregory: Sure! Simply put, it’s bringing the best-in-class tools to a centralized table. So UltiPro, former UltiPro, is a really good HCM and Payroll product, it’s very highly ranked across the other competitors. But Kronos’ legacy products of Dimensions and Ready are very strong time products. So the merger of those two companies together is just going to form a win-win solution for organizations to truly have everything in one unified solution, that allows for further integration with other third-party products as needed, based on those organizations’ needs.

Don: That’s great, yeah there’s been a lot of exciting things happening there, we’ve been to some of those discussions, the partner calls – a lot of great people there, a lot of great programs in play, so they’re really doing a lot of great things.

So Gregory, thanks a lot. This was some great information.

Gregory: You’re welcome!

Don: I want to invite everyone to join us on the next video blog that Gregory and I will be doing where we’ll be really focusing in on some of Gregory’s favorite features in UKG Pro.

So again, thank you all for joining us and we look forward to seeing you next time. Goodbye.

Gregory: Thanks, Don, take care!


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