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What About Cognos 10? – Part 1

February 13, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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By now, most Costpoint users know what upgrading to Costpoint 7 means – reviewing your technical architecture to make sure it meets the new requirements, training your users on the new navigation and functionality, setting up new user security, and testing, testing, testing. But what about Cognos?

Since you have to upgrade to Costpoint 7 anyways before October 1st in order to have active support, many companies are using this as an opportunity to examine their Cognos environment. Cognos works seamlessly with Costpoint 7, so long as you’re on a current version. If you’re using Cognos 8.3 or an earlier version, you’re likely to experience report errors due to recent changes to the reporting engine. If you have custom Java in reports, it tends to fail quite often. Be prepared to fix reports ad hoc or even redo any custom Java code you have built into the reports already.

If you haven’t yet upgraded to Cognos 10, now may be the time. Cognos 10, which offers some pretty cool new features, including:

  • Active reports in Report Studio, which allows users to filter & sort reports in real-time
  • Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer, a new self-service, visual tool that gives greater insight into how the dynamic query was generated
  • Collaboration enabling developers and customer users to add comments to a report
  • Faster performance with in-memory processing
  • Integration of relational and dimensional data sources
  • External Data, including Excel, tab-delimited text files, csv-files and XML-data files can be imported as external data, in Report Studio
  • Integration with TM1, Planning, Analytic Applications, and SPSS Modeler

But what about timing? As a general rule, we recommend upgrading to Cognos 10 BEFORE you begin your Costpoint 7 upgrade. This is a much more simple upgrade and will give your users more time to adopt the new features and functionality using your live Costpoint 6 production environment before they begin testing the Costpoint 7 environment.

Ready to move to Cognos 10? Check back later this week when we’ll cover the important factors to consider when making the upgrade.

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