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What About Cognos 10? – Part 3

February 25, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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Since we already discussed the benefits of moving to Cognos 10 here and here, I wanted to focus today’s post on the factors you’ll need to consider before you start the upgrade.

  1. License types – As I mentioned in a previous post, some of the enhancements in Cognos 10, including Active reports, require more than just a Consumer license.  Active reports will install and become available for Professional Authors, but other uses will need an Enhanced Consumer license to access the reports
  2. Installation – Before you install Cognos 10, you’ll need to determine if you can run Cognos 8 and 10 simultaneously on the same server. While this setup is ideal for easing the transition process, it’s not necessary if you’re worried about your server’s capacity. In the latter case, you can always install Cognos 10 on a separate server and uninstall Cognos 8 from its current sever once you’re live on Cognos 10. Then, you can repurpose that original server elsewhere in your business.
  3. Authentication Source – Are you considering a change in authentication source? You may want to reconsider… for the moment. Content security will not migrate if you change authentication sources. I advise migrating with the same source and changing later if you need to.
  4. Content Store – Here, you have two choices. First, you can install a clean instance of Cognos 10 and then export/import your existing Content Store from your Cognos 8 environment. The second option is to clone your Cognos 8 Content Store database and while initially configuring your Cognos 10 environment, point it to the cloned database. In the end, there’s not much of a difference between both choices. However, if you are using the Cognos 10 upgrade as an opportunity to upgrade your database engine or move your servers, the first option makes this process much easier.
  5. Customizations – If you have made modifications to the Cognos 8 portal, including Back-end XML and/or Cascading Style Sheet changes, these will need to replicated in Cognos 10 from scratch

Looking for more best practices on upgrading to Cognos 10? Send me an email and I’ll share more based upon our experiences with upgrading current Costpoint & Cognos users!

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