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NeoSystems Corporation


Webinar: Deltek Costpoint Extensibilities Deep Dive

February 13, 2023 | BY: NeoSystems
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Join NeoSystems for a discussion and deep dive into Costpoint extensibilities. We will discuss how extensibilities work, why they are so powerful and walk you through a demonstration where we will build an extensibility during the webinar and show you how the different systems communicate with each other.

This session is intended for CIOs, IT Managers, as well as HR and Accounting Managers. You will take away many of the benefits that Costpoint extensibilities offer including:

– How extensibility customizations are segregated from the underlying Costpoint product code
– Upgrades and hot fixes have no impact on the customizations created through extensibilities
– Adding new Costpoint fields, tabs and application screens
– Elimination of dual entry from multiple systems

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