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NeoSystems Corporation


Webinar – NeoSystems and Deltek Present: The NeoSystems Multicloud

February 20, 2023 | BY: NeoSystems
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Join NeoSystems and Deltek for an informative discussion on the benefits of moving non-Costpoint Deltek products and 3rd-party applications to the NeoSystems Multicloud. You’ll learn how companies in the Deltek cloud that have multiple compliance requirements can now have all their systems and data in secure hosting environments.

In this session, you will take away information related to:

– Increased Importance of Cloud Computing

– Benefits of Deltek/Costpoint Cloud

– Options for Hosting Deltek Non-SaaS Products

– Hosting 3rd-party Applications and Homegrown Systems

– NeoSystems Multicloud

– Multicloud Scenarios

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