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On-Demand Uniting Women in Cyber 2021 Sessions – Leidos

Leidos Sessions

  • UWIC Day 1 Session 2 - Supply Chain Risk Management

    On the current hotseat, Supply Chain Risk is one of the leading concerns in public-private partnership and a driving force behind forging weak links in our nation’s security. There are so many avenues to discuss risk when it comes to managing the supply chain but unpacking the top concerns and why they are imminently threatening is an essential step in refining and building a strategy that combats risk. From insurance and technology to business and deploying mitigation strategies, this is a trend that will be front and center into 2022 and beyond.

  • UWIC Day 1 Session 3 - Compliance Frameworks: Making them Work for the Greater Good

    Compliance frameworks set the fundamental backbone and structured set of guidelines designed to meet regulatory requirements. BUT, requirements are also seen as checklists that enable successful audits and are often confused with actually security. Compliance is the beginning piece of developing a mature security program and unpacking the concept and the pieces to meet the end goal is essential from any perspective. This session will offer a comprehensive look at frameworks, what makes them work, and how we can make them work better when establishing operational milestones that surpass the guideline model.

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