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NeoSystems Corporation

IBM Cognos Partner

NeoSystems: An IBM Business Partner

NeoSystems is an IBM Business Partner and specializes in providing Cognos solutions for Government contractors and commercial business, including business intelligence and financial planning and analysis, and performance solutions.

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What Is IBM Cognos?

more than 23,000 leading companies and organizations around the world now choose Cognos performance management solutions from IBM. IBM Cognos Analytics offers smarter, self-service capabilities for quick and confident insight identification. The engaging experience empowers business users to create and personalize dashboards and reports on their own — while providing users with a proven and scalable solution available on premises or the cloud.

With IBM Cognos, your business can:

  • Visualize Data: With self-service reports and dashboard features, users can create informative data visualizations with little assistance. Using an intuitive interface, automatic recommendations and smart search functions, users canquickly build reports or charts to glean actionable data about your business.
  • Improve Access: Users who have data access should be able to use it productively, which is why IBM Cognos features user-friendly functions like easy uploading, direct reporting, automatic modeling and data source combining functions.
  • Protect Information: Reduce business risk with increased security through multiple authentication procedures, safety controls, access logs and alerts.

IBM and NeoSystems

NeoSystems is an IBM Cognos Partner, using IBM Cognos business intelligence (BI) software to help our clients in government contracting and commercial organizations. With IBM Cognos solutions, we help our clients understand their performance in key fields like finance and sales so they can set appropriate targets, make informed decisions and allocate resources.

NeoSystems can help your business through key IBM Cognos services, including:

  • Implementation: NeoSystems has a proven track record  for seamless implementations of multiple software solutions, including IBM Cognos. Our experienced team of implementation professionals can quickly set up your system using builds that integrate Cognos directly into your current systems and networks, ensuring  a high-functioning solution that fits seamlessly into your existing workflows.
  • Consulting: Your industry is constantly changing, requiring continuous intelligence and insights into solutions that leverage best practices.. That’s why NeoSystems offers comprehensive consulting services for IBM Cognos users. Our  consulting and support services enable improved business strategies and system implementations equipped to handle the needs of your industry. With both on- and off-site support options, on a part-time, full-time or project basis, we offer flexible, cost-effective options to meet the needs of your business.

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