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Tomorrow’s CFO: Five Ways Finance Turns Insights Into Action

Research Report

Five Ways Finance Turns Insight Into Action

In this report, you’ll see what CFOs from around the globe are doing to improve their ability to take action faster. Based on surveys with more than 200 finance leaders, the report will help you understand the importance of:

  • Using data to overcome cultural barriers between departments
  • Improving your ability to leverage smart technologies to deliver insights automatically across the organization
  • Ensuring data is usable on-demand across finance and throughout the company
  • Creating finance teams that have the skills required to leverage machine learning and AI
  • Devising new KPIs that allow you to monitor and optimize your finance agility

From the report:

“The number one skill for any function is insight,” says the global manager of compliance and controls at a technology firm. “The infrastructure that helps create those insights has to be powerful and user-friendly, so that when you dip into information or data, you have access to different cuts of the data to help you drive a narrative. That narrative is what you turn into an insight.”


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