Contract Logix™

Do your contract managers essentially start from scratch with each contract negotiation, manually creating new documents based off previous projects? Do you need a better way to manage all the contracts you have with client agencies, vendors, and subcontractors? What if you had a centralized system to keep track of all your contracts, with historical data to help generate new business?

NeoSystems provides contract management support services available for integration with Contract Logix™, the industry-leading contract management software. Coupled with our contract management services, Contract Logix promotes efficient, effective management of agreements, deadlines, deliverables, processes, and project information.

Our service with Contract Logix™ includes:

  • Streamlining contract management processes
  • Creating, tracking and managing agreements
  • Facilitating the management of cost plus, time-and-material, and fixed price agreements
  • Managing GSA schedules and various contract vehicles
  • Immediate access to agreement copies, key dates, values, workflow schedules

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