Often companies attempt to do more with less, but without a tool to manage resources effectively, and one that directly integrates with your current systems, Deltek or IBM environments, organizations find themselves losing more time and money rather than saving it.

Visibility Over the Horizon with Solid Resource Management

Saviom helps organizations manage and schedule resources for projects and provides a central system with real-time information from all areas of your organization.

NeoSystems uses Saviom in our Resource Management Services

With our specialized solution, companies gain the ability to efficiently plan and schedule employees and other resources such as equipment, machinery, vehicles, facilities, and more.

Benefits of our Our Solution with Saviom include:

  • Visual drag-and-drop for scheduling resources for multiple projects, tasks, milestones, leave time, and training
  • Scheduling based on real-time information
  • Resource profiles to match the right resource to the right job
  • Forecasting for accurate resource needs and availability
  • Workflow-based request and allocation
  • Tracking of actual vs. planned resource time, cost, variance, and more
  • Configurable financial and management reports

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