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In today’s fiercely competitive market, is your organization constantly searching for ways to gain the advantage over competitors? Smart organizations are paying more attention to their strategic back office operations.

American society for clinical laboratory science (ASCLS)

June 22, 2018 | BY: NeoSystems

Read how this nonprofit organization strengthened its core mission, increased its membership, and enhanced its processes by leveraging back office functions.

A Non-profit Organization Case Study

Quality Laboratory Services. HealthCare Development. An Elevated Mission.

These qualities are among some of the notable strengths of The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science, (ASCLS) a virtual, Non-Profit Organization founded in 1933. Elissa Passiment, Executive Vice President of ASCLS, believed that succession planning and consolidation through outsourcing would equip ASCLS with the right support to enhance the organization’s growth and mission. ASCLS was left at a serious disadvantage when their previous association firm mismanaged the core functions that kept the organization running. From policies lapsing to impacts on membership and employee morale, ASCLS’ risk continued to escalate into dangerous territory-threatening the existence of the organization in its entirety.

Reliable Back Office Support. Real-World Best Practices. A Comprehensive Solution.

ASCLS found these qualities in NeoSystems – a strategic back office service provider headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia. With NeoSystems’ Managed Accounting Services, ASCLS had ample insight into all business processes and financials, providing them with the proper tools to stabilize their membership and focus on their core mission. Elissa Passiment and the ASCLS Board regained their trust, confidence, and distinction by leveraging NeoSystems’ staff, software investments, and secure, private cloud.

So, where is The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science today? And how has NeoSystems helped strengthen ASCLS’ mission and processes to meet the standards of their members? Download the ASCLS – Association Management Services Case Study to find out!

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