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In today’s fiercely competitive market, is your organization constantly searching for ways to gain the advantage over competitors? Smart organizations are paying more attention to their strategic back office operations.

Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc.

June 22, 2017 | BY: NeoSystems

Read about how this veteran-owned government contractor in Huntsville, Alabama, made the Inc. 500 list through building a scalable back office.

A Government Contractor Case Study

National Security. Educational Services. Quality Engineering. These capabilities are among some of the notable strengths of Davis Strategic Innovations, Inc., (DSI) a Service-Disabled Veteran–Owned small business located in Huntsville, Alabama. Dr. Jim Davis, President of DSI, believed in building a business system infrastructure that accommodated for a logarithmic growth curve. DSI was left at a serious disadvantage because of their inability to deliver on and answer inquiries concerning accounting processes. Also, using QuickBooks to log all company financials hindered their chances to compete effectively for contracts.

DCAA Compliance. Real-World Best Practices. A Comprehensive Solution. DSI found these qualities in NeoSystems – a strategic back office service provider headquartered in Tysons Corner, Virginia. With NeoSystems’ Managed Accounting Services, DSI had ample insight into all business processes and financials, providing them with the proper tools to win more. Dr. Davis gained an accurate, detailed, and direct view into DSI’s financial performance by leveraging NeoSystems’ staff, software investments, and secure, private cloud.

So, where is Davis Strategic Innovations today? And how has NeoSystems helped build DSI’s business system infrastructure?  Download the DSI-Managed Accounting Services Case Study to find out!

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