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NeoSystems Corporation

On-Demand: CMMC Impact On GovCon Part 2 WEBCAST

CMMC and its Impact on the DoD Supply Chain Featuring Katie Arrington, CMMCAB, Peraton, NeoSystems, Holland & Knight, Dixon Hughes, and the Cyber Clan

Speakers and Sessions:

  • An Interview with Mary Beth Borgwing from The Cyber Clan

  • CMMC: A Legal Lay of the Land

    Eric Crusius (Moderator), Mary Beth Bosco, Normal Krayem

  • An Interview with Ed Bassett from NeoSystems

  • CMMC Briefing - Updates from the Front Lines with Katie Arrington

  • An Interview with Sondra Schneider from Secure University

  • Industry Panel: Industry Update, Acquisition and Implementation

    Terry Roberts (Moderator), Ed Bassett, Johann Dettweiler, Jim Schifalacqua, Felix Weiss, Tom Tollerton

  • An Interview with Tom Tollerton from Dixon Hughes Goodman

  • The CMMC AB: Where are We With Things?

    Eric Crusius (Moderator), Ty Schieber, Mark Berman, Karlton Johnson, Nicole Dean

CMMC Resources

Download our CMMC Supply Chain Management Solution Brochure

Visit our CMMC Compliance Page

CMMC Impact on GovCon Part 2

Access our on-demand program, including NeoSystems, Holland & Knight, Katie Arrington, and the CMMCAB, among others, for a CMMC Review.

Our panelists provide a detailed overview and analysis of CMMC, including:

-Status of the program
-Inherent issues of implementing the program with Covid-19
-Timeline of what to expect with updates
-Industry perspective and shifting priorities related to security
-Updates and developments from the CMMCAB

1.  CMMC: A Legal Lay of the Land
2.  CMMC Briefing – Updates from the Front Lines  with Katie Arrington
3.  Industry Panel:  Converting CMMC Requirements for Accelerated Use and Compliance in Contracts
4.  The CMMC AB – Where Are We With Things


Mark Berman
Board Member, CMMC Accreditation Body

Ty Schieber
Board Chair, CMMC Accreditation Body

Eric Crusius
Partner, Holland & Knight, Tysons

Katie Arrington
Chief Information Security Officer, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment

Ed Bassett
NeoSystems LLC

Jim Schifalacqua
Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, Peraton

Johann Dettweiler
Director of Operations and Information Security Consultant, TalaTek

Tom Tollerton
Managing Director, Dixon Hughes Goodman

Terry Roberts,
CEO and President, WhiteHawk, Inc. Cybersecurity Exchange

Mary Beth Borgwing
Executive Director, The Cyber Guild, The Cyber Clan

Norma Krayem
Vice President, Chair, Cybersecurity, Privacy & Digital Innovation Practice Group, Van Scoyoc Associates

Mary Beth Bosco
Partner, Holland and Knight

Nicole Dean
Chief Information Security Officer, Accenture Federal

Karlton Johnson
Vice Chairman, Board of Directors, CMMCAB

Felix Weiss
Manager CERT Team, The Cyber Clan


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