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Seamlessly integrate your business applications with NeoIntegrate.

NeoIntegrate is a platform product that extends the integration capabilities of the Deltek Costpoint ERP system, Integrify and any applications that support web services – it is the bridge to other applications. These web service-based solutions enforce the business rules while enabling applications to programmatically import, manage, and export data – working seamlessly across diverse sets of applications – greatly improving efficiency and accuracy.

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GovCardConnect® (GCC) is a web-based solution developed by NeoSystems to process credit card payments with a focus on supporting GSA SmartPay payment. This proprietary software enables companies to accept credit card payments directly from government and commercial customers. GCC meets all of the government’s data security and data requirements, including Level-3 processing, which enables them to be compliant and save money. GCC also reconciles payments with invoices saving time and improving accuracy, which is critical for high compliance companies like Government Contractors.

NeoFlow: Payables is a web-based solution that automates the accounts payable approval business process from invoice through coding, approval, vouchering, and payment. The system is fully integrated with Costpoint and creates efficiencies through proactive routing, reminders, and validation. You can save time through automated routing based on existing Costpoint data and through reminders to push the process forward. The system captures all steps of the process with name of the task recipient, date and time of completion, and data captured in the step. By leveraging Costpoint web services, the web-based system allows for real-time data pulls and validation.

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