Strategic Back Office Services

NeoSystems delivers strategic back office services for government contractors, nonprofit organizations, and commercial entities. NeoSystems’ flexible approach gives clients access to a network of industry experts, best-in-class software, and an advanced IT infrastructure.

  • Solutions for Government Contractors

    Managed Accounting Services

    NeoSystems provides the industry experts, best-in-class software from Deltek® and IBM® Cognos®, and an advanced technical infrastructure to manage your accounting operations.

  • Solutions for Nonprofit Organizations

    Managed Accounting Services

    NeoSystems assists organizations in overcoming accounting transparency and reporting challenges through providing industry experts, leading software, and an advanced technical infrastructure.

  • Solutions for Deltek Users

    Costpoint 7 Consulting and Hosting

    With the recent release of Deltek Costpoint 7, are you prepared to upgrade before support is retired in 2014? NeoSystems offers upgrade and hosting support for moving Costpoint to the cloud.