Deltek First (GCS Premier)

NeoSystems is a long-standing Deltek Platinum Partnerand we offer a variety of consulting services for Deltek First/GCS Premier. Our Deltek GCS services enable accelerated and streamlined efficiency for organizations of all industries and sizes. We provide your key resources with more accurate, real-time information, helping your business make more informed decisions as you grow your organization.

What is Deltek First/GCS Premier?

Deltek First/GCS Premier is advanced accounting software popularly used by Government contractors. Deltek GCS acts as a centralized, web-based application that grants complete access to all the essential business information an organization needs, allowing access from anywhere at any time. User-friendly and timeless, the Deltek GCS accounting program helps improves the productivity of government contractors by automating repetitive tasks and ensuring compliance with government regulations — all while providing real-time reporting on your business’ financial performance. In turn, the system also brings about improved accuracy, reduced costs and better productivity overall.

NeoSystems leverages the Deltek GCS system to provide greater functionality to government contractors, offering upgrade and migration services as needed.

NeoSystems’ Deltek First/GCS Premier Services

NeoSystems suite of Deltek GCS services include:

  • System Reviews: The NeoSystems team of technical experts regularly conducts detailed reviews of your Deltek system’s architecture and environment, helping us determine opportunities for improvement.
  • Reporting and Dashboards: Today’s world requires businesses to make quick decisions based on real-time data. The Deltek GCS system’s reporting functions make this possible, but NeoSystems expertise can enhance your reports and dashboards to provide tailored results to meet your specific intelligence needs.
  • Staff Augmentation: The business year can be fickle, with peaks and valleys in activity that keep you guessing. Supplement your staff during peak periods of the year without hiring new personnel by using NeoSystems’ staff augmentation services, fleshing out your accounting department as you need it.
  • Training: As a Deltek Premier Partner, NeoSystems offers training for Deltek systems, including Deltek GCS. With step-by-step instructions, there’s no better way to train your staff how to use Deltek GCS effectively.
  • Deltek First/GCS Premier to Costpoint Upgrades: Deltek GCS upgrade options are available for those who wish to make the most of it. As a leading Deltek GCS migration partner, NeoSystems has the training necessary to help with Deltek GCS migrations to Deltek Costpoint and make them as timely, least business-disruptive and as seamless as possible.

Learn more about our services designed for your industry:

  • Government Contractors: NeoSystems is an excellent back office provider of Deltek Costpoint upgrades for Government contractors, featuring extensive security features and hosting options to keep costs minimized while maximizing performance. NeoSystems can help even further by optimizing the system for more comprehensive analytics.
  • Nonprofit Organizations: Small to medium-sized nonprofits need to get the most out of their resources, including the Costpoint 7 system. With comprehensive integration options and consulting services, NeoSystems can help nonprofits implement, integrate and optimize Costpoint 7 effectively.
  • Commercial Entities: Commercial businesses often struggle to integrate new software solutions throughout their enterprise. Using comprehensive integration services and training, commercial businesses can get the most out of the Costpoint 7 system.

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