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7 Steps to Minimizing Your Costpoint 7 Risk – Part 2

September 14, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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Earlier this week, we reviewed four keys ways that you can minimize your upgrade risk when transitioning to Costpoint 7. Here are a few more things to consider when planning your upgrade path:

    1. Evaluate the impact of saved parameters – Saved parameters are used within Costpoint reporting and processing screens to simplify data entry requirements. When you upgrade to Costpoint 7, your saved parameters from Costpoint 6 (or an earlier version) will disappear into a black hole. The lost parameters can’t be electronically salvaged from the Costpoint 6 database due to how the data was originally stored. This means you will need to manually replicate these parameters into your Costpoint 7 environment after the upgrade is completed.
    2. Evaluate the impact to Costpoint Process Server – Costpoint Process Server users – listen up! If you utilize Costpoint 6.x Process Server features, you’ll be pleased to learn that Costpoint 7 has eliminated the need for a separate server. In Costpoint 7, Deltek has provided enhanced tools for monitoring process server activity. But remember, saved parameters are lost in the upgrade and process server jobs utilize saved parameters. Because of this, you’ll need to create the saved parameters within Costpoint 7 before addressing the process server jobs.
    3. TEST EVERYTHING! – Costpoint 7 completely replaces all previous client/server code with a web based user interface. While we here at NeoSystems have had a very positive experience with the quality of Costpoint 7, we recommend clients leave nothing to chance. Whatever you enter, process, post, or interface with in Costpoint 6.x should be tested during the upgrade process to include Deltek Time interfaces and Cognos reports.

Upgrades can be daunting efforts and if you find yourself in need of assistance do not hesitate to contact us at We offer a wide range of support for the Costpoint 7 upgrade process – from full service planning to assistance with just a small phase of your upgrade project. Our offerings include:

  • Upgrade planning
  • Cloud-based hosting
  • Training on new screens and modules
  • Testing based on proven best practices
  • Security schema reviews
  • Saved parameters evaluation

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