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A Steep Climb to Costpoint 7

August 14, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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I recently took a trip to Alaska. When we arrived, it was a gorgeous, sunny day with the high heading towards 71°. We knew this was the day to hike. And Mount Juneau was calling us.

We pulled out our gear and stopped in the sporting goods shop to get some local, expert advice. We picked up a trail map and bug spray (which we had forgotten) and hit the trail.

Mt. Juneau is a steep climb, which the sign at the trail head pointed out in case we didn’t already know it. And they weren’t kidding. From one side, the mountain looks like a cliff. This trail is steep. You pick up 3500’ in about 3 miles. It will kick you in the head.

danger sign

Fortunately, we had trained a little but it was less than I would have liked (we have full-time jobs after all and not enough time to train). My training consisted of some short Virginia hikes and taking the stairs every chance I could. It’s not much, but even a little training goes a long way. We had the right gear: good hiking boots and socks, as well as many layers of clothing, which we shed quickly. We had plenty of water and some food. In sum, we were well prepared.

I’m sharing this story because, like everyone else, I got the notice last week that Costpoint 6.1 SP2 will move to Sustaining Support as of Oct. 1, 2013. In some ways, that can seem like a steep cliff. You need to upgrade to Costpoint 7 soon, or come Oct. 2, 2013, you’ll miss out on hot fixes as well as tax, legal, and regulatory updates.

But it’s not so different from climbing Mt. Juneau. If you have the right gear (aka resources), the hike is doable. Get some local, expert advice – talk to your peers and others who have converted to Costpoint 7. Get a trail map, that is, develop a plan. And put in the training before you tackle the mountain. Familiarize yourself with the new Costpoint 7 navigation (Shameless plug alert: NeoSystems offers online CP 7 training); it will make testing go much faster. Step by step, you’ll find you can climb what first looks like a cliff. If you start preparing now, you’ll have plenty of time to get there and back before sunset.

mount juneau view

And Costpoint 7, like the view from Mt Juneau, will be well worth the climb!

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