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Changes in Costpoint 7.0.1 (Technically Speaking)

May 02, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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Last summer I wrote our first Costpoint 7 technical blog post -“Why Your IT Department Will Love Costpoint 7.” And it’s still true to this day; there’s a lot to love both technically and functionally.

The initial release of Costpoint 7.0 had all the major changes to the technical architecture. These included:

  • No longer needing to deploy a Costpoint client on each user’s workstation. CP7 uses the browser as the client, with Oracle Weblogic as the middleware and a database on the backend.
  • No user logins to the database. In CP7, the application server logs into the database on behalf of the users themselves. If you want external security, the new application server in Costpoint 7 can use Active Directory authentication, thus allowing for flexible enterprise-wide management of logins and passwords.
  • 64-bit requirements for the server, operating systems and databases

The first service pack, Costpoint 7.0.1 (or CP 7.0.1), actually has a few more changes.

The Actuate Server is gone in CP 7.0.1. Now, we don’t need a separate server or cluster of servers to run Actuate. Instead, Deltek has moved everything to BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools), an open source reporting tool. BIRT is installed and configured by SP1 and runs on the same server(s) alongside Weblogic.

On the client side, CP7 only supported Internet Explorer 9.0. CP 7.0.1 adds support for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, along with iPads and Android tablets.

In the database server, you’re no longer required to use DELTEK as the name of the transactional database and its owner. And, multiple CP 7.0.1 systems can now run on a single Oracle database server as was already the case with Microsoft SQL Server.

On our CIO’s Guide for Upgrading Costpoint 7 webinar back in February, we reviewed a typical server deployment for CP 7.0.1. The information in that webinar is still current. A test or sandbox deployment of CP 7.0.1 can be done on a single server or virtual machine for all the components except the database. Just give it a fairly generous allocation of CPU and Memory (4×6 or 4×8).

So, now that you know what’s changed, how should you alter your technical architecture plans for CP 7.0.1? Stay tuned for our next blog post where we’ll review production technical architecture for Costpoint 7.0.1.

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