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Costpoint 7.0.1 Now Available!

April 24, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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By now, you’ve probably seen the announcements that Costpoint 7.0.1 has been released. In addition to including the previous hot fixes, Deltek has introduced some great new features. So, if you’ve been waiting, you have been rewarded. Our Costpoint 7 team here at NeoSystems has been working with Costpoint 7.0.1, and we put together a list of what we think will benefit your organization most.

  • Support for additional browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari – Over the past few months, we’ve been giving people demo accounts to Costpoint 7 (by the way, if you want one, email And, by far, the most common issue our users report is not being able to log-in. It’s not because Costpoint isn’t working – it’s because they’re using the wrong browser. Costpoint 7 was built to run solely on Internet Explorer;unfortunately, not everyone uses IE. Those of us who instinctively use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari were caught a bit off-guard and had to revert back. Now, with 7.0.1., Costpoint is browser agnostic. This should come as a relief to all the Google and Apple fans out there.
  • Support for iPad and Android tablets – Costpoint 7.0.1 is touch-enabled, allowing you to scroll with a simple swipe. There’s also support for smartphones, with an emphasis on the iPhone. Now you can spend your summer doing accounting at the beach; just be sure to keep your iPad in a zip lock bag.
  • MS Outlook Exchange Integration – Losing track of offline conversations about Costpoint transactions? Well, in CP 7.0.1., Deltek launched its “Message Board” feature, which tracks Outlook conversations about Costpoint records. And, if the material is sensitive in nature, you can utilize the application and user/group rights feature to restrict which users can view and add messages.
  • Global withholding capabilities – Now, I don’t think “excited” would be the right word to describe a user’s feelings toward the global withholding capability. This feature addresses the need to reduce billing invoices by a certain percentage – a situation that can arise if the Contracting Officer issues a final determination to withhold payments for significant deficiencies found in the contractor business system. Like I said, I don’t expect you to be excited about this feature, but if you need it, you’ll be glad it’s there.
  • Multiple Costpoint systems in a single Oracle or SQLServer DB – This is pretty self-explanatory but shouldn’t be overlooked. If you do need to create multiple Costpoint environments, you won’t have to make the same infrastructure investment as you would have with previous versions. Just remember that SQL Server 2005 is no longer supported; you’ll need to be running 2008 or a newer version.
  • BIRT reporting, which eliminates the need for the Actuate Server – With BIRT reporting, you can modify existing reports within Costpoint and add to the template library that’s currently out there. You also won’t need a separate server for Actuate, as BIRT runs directly off the existing Weblogic server.
  • Extensibility improvements – In CP7, Deltek introduced the idea of personalizing Costpoint screens to meet a user’s specific needs. Costpoint 7.0.1. takes this one step further with the extensibility design studio tool.   Now you can reposition fields, add or hide existing non-required fields, set or change field defaults, and much more. We’ve been doing some work with extensibility, and I think it deserves its own post.  Look for it soon.

From an administrative point of view, CP7.0.1 also provides the calendar year end and regulatory updates. If you’re on CP7, you’ll want to deploy this upgrade in the next few months (a summer project, perhaps?). Keep in mind that Costpoint 7.0 moves to Sustaining Support on November 1, 2013 so this should be done before you ready yourself for year end. Finally, the upgrade path for CP7.0.1 can come from either CP 6.1 SP2 or from CP7.0 directly. If you’re still on CP 6.1 SP2, you can go straight to CP 7.0.1.

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