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Costpoint 7 Extensibility: No Software is an Island

July 03, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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With apologies to John Donne, “no software application is an island; entire of itself…” We live in a world of connectivity. We must share data with others and other applications. With the launch of Costpoint 7 a year ago and CP 7.0.1 a couple of months ago, Deltek is showing that Costpoint can extend well beyond itself.

Extensibility and web services – extend the application – and serve as your bridge to your heretofore disparate systems.

The ability to add a field is not some mere trifling nice-to-have. No, that field may be required by another application that Costpoint shares data with. Think of the advantage of entering all of the data in one place. Even better, with extensibility, you can add rules to these new (as well as the old) fields. For a simple example, perhaps, your company has added a field to a screen. Extensibility allows you to apply a rule, so that when you hit SAVE, Costpoint will first check to see that the field has been entered and conforms to any data rules. If not, you can fix it right then, while all things related to that entry our fresh in your mind. Far better than someone frantically calling you 2 days later asking you to fix it after an import failed. At that point, you might not even remember entering the data let alone what value a forgotten field should have.

Or maybe you’ve had to wade through your company’s thousands of employees to find and select the people with the skills you needed. Or had to mouse through hundreds of projects to find the ones that are yours. If any of these problems sound familiar, then we invite you to our upcoming webinar July, 18th- Costpoint 7 Extensibility: Your Bridge to the Rest of the World!

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