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Deltek Extends Support for Costpoint 6.1 SP2 & 7.0

August 29, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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Costpoint 6.1 SP2 will move into Sustaining support on April 30th 2014

Costpoint 7.0 will move into Sustaining support on October 1st 2014 

Deltek had set October 1st, 2013 for CP6.1 SP2 to end support and had offered extended support, for a price, if you needed tax table and form updates. Now, everyone on standard support for CP6.1 SP2 and CP7.0 will get those updates for 2014. This takes some pressure off those trying to rush the CP6 to CP7 upgrade, but keep that testing going, just take a little more time to test the new system completely. While we expect to see almost half the Costpoint client base moved to CP7 or CP7.0.1 before 2014, that still means a lot of testing for a lot of Costpoint user before April of 2014.

With many government contractors’ fiscal years following the calendar year, the April extension is double-edged sword. You have the End-of-Year Costpoint process, W2s, 1099s to deal with, then your CPA audit – plus a major upgrade to your accounting system! Plan this out carefully, leaving time for an issue or two. Moving to CP7.0.1 between your end-of-year efforts and an Audit means your testing has to be complete sooner rather than later.

The question will be asked: Does this mean CP7 is buggy – First, CP7 has some issues but over-all has been a good release for a new product. But more importantly, Deltek faced the reality that between tighter budgets, over-worked accounting staff and everything else, upgrades were going slower than expected and clients asked for some relief. Deltek said, okay, have some more time for the change to Costpoint 7. While there are issues, the Deltek support team remains focused on resolving them almost as fast as they are found (for critical issues). This is to be expected with a package of this size & complexity, but Deltek’s support team is stepping up to the task.

So Deltek did it once, will they change the date again? Not likely, the expense of supporting CP6 and CP7 will mean fewer resources on CP7, which is clearly the path forward. Once you are on CP7 the ability to do integrations with external systems, extend Costpoint and add routine, and report off this new data, will see Costpoint become a larger ERP player (Shameless plug for NeoSystems: Insight Session GC-99, Designing Your Own Extensibility in Costpoint 7 – Bruce Merevick, Extensibility Consultant – to see the entire list of sessions that NeoSystems is presenting at the Deltek Insight conference). The manufacturing capability that has been added to Costpoint brings significant capability and enhancements on that front too.


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