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How I Saved 40 Minutes of Data Entry Through Table View (And You Can Too!)

July 10, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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When building the database for our Costpoint 7 training classes, I was able to experience firsthand some of the improved efficiencies in Costpoint 7. One of the feared frustrations with a new system or feature is the apprehension that it will slow us down and make us more inefficient. The new Table/Form view feature in Costpoint 7 definitely does not fall into that category.

Data entry in Costpoint has always been a little frustrating. You were often required to enter a record. Save it. Enter the next record.  Save it. And so on. In addition, you were always locked into a form view where you could only see one record at a time.

Of course the opposite was true when you were entering a transaction record such as an AP voucher or a journal entry. In this case, you were stuck with continually scrolling across the table to see all the information.

This all changes with Costpoint 7…

In Costpoint 7 the user has the option to view nearly every screen both as a table (think Microsoft Excel®), or as a form, like in traditional Costpoint. Additionally, the user can toggle between the two views at random based their needed view of the data.

Table view allows you to edit multiple records, or enter multiple new records all on one screen. This includes hierarchical records such as projects, orgs, and accounts. Depending on the validation method you choose (that’s another blog entry) the data is validated as you enter it but it isn’t saved until you’re finished and hit “Save”.

In a similar manner, when you’re entering data into a table that requires the table to scroll, you can switch to the Form view and see the entire record on one screen (there may be tabs if needed for more area).

When I was building the training database, there were 70 employees that needed both holiday and PTO leave records established. If I had to do it in Costpoint 6 it would have taken about an hour as I would have been required to enter and save each record before starting on the next. Using the Table view function, it only took about 20 minutes. I was able to simply enter all the records in one screen and then save once when I was done.

It’s always exciting to find a new way to do something that truly makes work easier. Table and Form view in Costpoint 7 provides that added efficiency.

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