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Insight Session: Streamlining Project Creation in Costpoint 7

October 10, 2013 | BY: NeoSystems
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Kevin Brandt and I are please to have the opportunity to present the new functionality in Costpoint which offers Project Templates for Project Setup.

  • Would it be helpful to have Costpoint enforce your project setup business process?
  • Would you like Costpoint to help send notifications when project setup tasks are due?
  • Would you like increase accountability in the project setup process?

We will discuss the many new features in Costpoint 7 for Project templates. Some of those features include:

  • Create reusable templates for creating all types of project:
  • Enhanced workflow options for project setup
  • Ability to set default values
  • Ability to require certain project fields to be completed
  • Ability to prevent accidental charging before project is ready
  • A new work area for creating project
  • Required project approval
  • New options to create project ids
  • New options to quickly create WBS for projects

The session is GC-109 “Streamlining Project Creation in Costpoint 7” Wednesday,  October 16th, 2013 11:00 am in Grapevine 1-2 Ballroom Level.

We hope to see you there!

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