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Mastering User Security in Costpoint 7

November 20, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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Kevin Brandt and I really enjoyed our most recent webinar: Mastering User Security in Costpoint 7. Kevin took us deep into the nuances of User Group Set-up and User Set-up both at the Application and Module levels. During the demo, we had some fun – he’d give me rights and take them away. We’d toggle back and forth, so you could see the changes.

A question came up about Over-rides. And yes, they are gone in Costpoint 7, but someone asked, ”Don’t the application rights actually perform the same function?” Kevin answered that — yes, you can get to that level of security by using the application specific security rights. But, let me add that it’s important to note that the over-rides don’t come over from Costpoint 6. You will need to define them and set them up in Costpoint 7. That’s why Kevin added that you will need to be wary of the cumulative nature of security rights in Costpoint 7. You’ll need took at what the User Group has versus what you are setting up at the User level.

At NeoSystems, we’re excited about the increased power and flexibility of User Security in Costpoint 7. As we’ve learned from upgrading clients, with care, it can provide you the ability to give the proper access to more people, enabling them to make better informed decisions and complete their tasks more quickly; in short, Costpoint 7 is enabling them to be more productive.

If you missed the webinar, here’s a video of the entire presentation:

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