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“GCS Premier to Costpoint Info Center” Launched by NeoSystems Providing Best Practices and Expertise Compiled from 200 Successful Conversions

October 20, 2016 | BY: NeoSystems

NeoSystems’ Proven Methodology and Flexible Options Provide Solutions in Conjunction with Long Anticipated Support Announcement for Deltek GCS Premier/ Deltek First

Tysons Corner, Va. (October 20, 2016)NeoSystems Corp, a Platinum Deltek partner and a leading provider of managed services (Accounting, HR, Contract Management, IT), Hosting, and Strategic Systems Integration Consulting Services, announces the successful migration of over 200 Deltek GCS Premier and Deltek First GovCon Essentials (DFGE) customers to Deltek Costpoint (CP) and CP7 implementations leveraging NeoSystems’ proprietary methodology options.  NeoSystems is unveiling an “All You Need to Know: GCS to Costpoint Info Center” to share crucial lessons learned and best practices, answer frequently asked questions, and provide vital details for Deltek GCS customers – or any government contractor – considering upgrading to Costpoint.

NeoSystems has a unique vantage point as the only self-converted GCS to Costpoint organization in the Deltek partner ecosystem.  As a former GCS Premier customer for 8 years, NeoSystems understands the situation first-hand.

“With more than five seamless financial quarters closed after having made the leap from GCS to Costpoint, NeoSystems is benefiting from the migration,” Mike Dunn, NeoSystems Chief Financial Officer offers. “Costpoint has improved our reporting, project management, and financial analytical capabilities immeasurably.”

“In 2014, NeoSystems evaluated the options, including those from vendors who compete with Deltek, when considering the upgrade.  Deltek Costpoint was by far the most efficient and effective solution for our business. Our own NeoSystems Consulting team conducted the Costpoint 7 migration and the conversion was a resounding frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet success.  Our business is benefiting from Costpoint every day in ways that we never imagined,” said Michael Tinsley, Founder and CEO of NeoSystems.  “As a company who has worked with Deltek for over 10 years, as both a partner and client, NeoSystems fully endorses Deltek’s commitment to ensure that all GCS clients are supported and encouraged to migrate now.“

Understanding the spectrum of companies in the Deltek GCS client community (and those still on Quickbooks or other systems) has allowed NeoSystems to develop seamless transition models and flexible options that fit organizations of any size or operational complexity.  These options are detailed in the GCS to Costpoint Info Center with an offer for a complimentary business analysis.

NeoSystems has also developed a comprehensive and easy-to-follow frequently asked questions (FAQ) sheet in the GCS to Costpoint Info Center that describes the options available for GCS users.


Migrate to Costpoint and Have It Managed for You

All accounting functions and upgrade activities, software costs and cloud infrastructure requirements are handled by NeoSystems.

Migrate to Costpoint with a Replicable GCS Environment

Using a pre-configured automated conversion tool to follow a company’s structures as reflected in GCS, with some added flexibility to accommodate growth or moderate restructuring, a 6 to 8 week conversion can be achieved at a reasonable cost.

•Convert to Costpoint with a Fresh Start and Added Benefits

Determine what additional Costpoint capabilities you want with the help of our proprietary Costpoint Playbook and Methodology.  You can either eliminate the data conversion process and redesign, or opt for minimal/standard data conversion.

•Fresh Start, Customized Setup

Detailed conversion – custom data conversion bringing everything over (12 weeks +) using structures designed by the client.

•Stay on GCS

After April 2018 there will be significant risk to operate GCS, as IBM’s and Microsoft’s technology infrastructure is de-supported.   We can help you identify where your biggest risks will be.

•Evaluate other offerings

NeoSystems went through its own assessment process and we can share those results with you.  It takes time and extensive knowledge of the GCS platform, the Costpoint platform, Government Accounting, and an acute understanding of DCAA requirements to make an informed decision.  We encourage GCS clients to take advantage of NeoSystems collective industry and solutions experience before making any decision.

“Because NeoSystems performs the accounting and finance functions for our managed accounting clients, we needed to do an in-depth analysis of the pros, cons, costs and delivery mechanisms.  We are proud that our team has created a highly successful, four week Costpoint migration plan for our GCS clients that includes training, conversion, and a month-end close, all at a reasonable cost.  We are encouraging all GCS customers to evaluate their business processes, plan strategically, and make a decision sooner rather than later,” states Tinsley.

NeoSystems’ seasoned technical consultants average 8 years of direct Deltek implementation and integration experience, and have successfully implemented 100s of Deltek Costpoint solutions for both small and large government contractors.  NeoSystems’ own Costpoint upgrade went live in January 2015, and recently celebrated the 18-month anniversary of the conversion.  From this wealth of hands-on expertise, the NeoSystems’ Consulting team has developed a proprietary methodology and ‘Conversion Playbook’ with multiple migration options that allow businesses to convert to a next-generation cloud-based ERP, Costpoint 7, and redeploy freed assets in more productive ways.

In conjunction with Deltek’s announcement, it’s important to note that the underlying technology used to support GCS is being de-supported by IBM and Microsoft.  IBM Impromptu, GCS’s primary data mining tool, ended mainstream support on 4/15/2015 and IBM will end support entirely on 4/30/2018.  Microsoft Windows Server 2008R2, which is the operating system used to run GCS, ended mainstream support on 1/13/2015 and extended support will end 1/14/2020.

Deltek is offering very advantageous pricing for GCS customers that will enable them to leverage the power of Costpoint.  NeoSystems is already upgrading its own outsourced accounting clients from GCS to Costpoint with no hiccups in customer financials or operations.

Join us at Deltek Insight on Tuesday, November 15 at 7:45am for a Celebratory (and complimentary) GCS Migration Breakfast where you can learn more about best practices, speak with other GCS clients and discuss options in an open forum.

About NeoSystems Corporation

NeoSystems Corp, based in Tysons Corner, Virginia, delivers integrated strategic back office services and solutions to enable, run, and secure commercial entities, government contractors, and nonprofit organizations. Today, NeoSystems maintains a 97% client retention rate, supports 700 companies and over 70,000 employees with its outsourced services and NeoSystems’ experts have implemented hundreds of fully integrated financial and business management systems. Utilizing best of breed technology and leveraging in-depth domain expertise in Accounting & Finance, IT, HR, Contract Management and Hosting (SSAE SOC1 & SOC2, NIST/DFARS, ITAR), the Neo team enables companies to improve vital operations, reduce their overhead costs and become compliant with complex requirements. NeoSystems is partnered with the world’s leading software companies, including Deltek, Ultimate Software, IBM, and others to provide best-in-class solutions. NeoSystems is Deltek’s first and only Platinum Partner.  For the seventh consecutive year, NeoSystems has been named one of America’s fastest growing private companies by Inc. Magazine. For more information, visit


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