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Test Driving Costpoint 7

July 26, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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One of the fun parts of buying a new car is taking it for a test drive. You get to spin around the neighborhood – everything is familiar, but different somehow. You focus on the journey and the vehicle itself – not the destination.

You’re not driving quite like the “professional driver on a closed course”, but you try some things in a test drive that you normally wouldn’t do or can’t do with your current car. I recently went for a test drive and I took the car into a parking lot and cranked the wheel around to see how tight it can corner. I also jammed on the brakes to see how well it stops (note: be sure to warn your spouse, if you’re going to try this.) Like most of us, we can read about things and listen to people talk, but in the end, we want to see it, feel it, and touch it. Then we really know how the car handles.

Is software really any different?  A lot of people have been asking to take Costpoint 7 for a test drive. So we’ve made it available as part of NeoSystems’ CP 7 training courses. After all, what good is a course that tells you what to do, but doesn’t let you test it out? In our courses, we hand you the keys so you can see how Costpoint 7 really handles.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to make a table larger. Grab the bottom corner, drag it down, and let go; now you have a table that shows you all the rows you need. Take the liberty of changing the width of a column or move a column that is far off to the right (and out of sight). You can even save this layout as your screen configuration so that you can see what it’ll be like when you’re the proud owner of a Costpoint 7 environment.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to change the system field labels – not something you’d want to try in your Production system. But hey, you’re on a test drive and this is a closed course – change the field “account” to “charge”. Come back to Accounts Payable >> Voucher Processing >> Manage Accounts Payable Vouchers and see your work first-hand.

If you get lost, no worries. We have videos that show you the way. And, if you finish early, you can wander around Costpoint 7’s avenues and by-ways. So sign up for the training class and take Costpoint 7 for a test drive.

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