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Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Costpoint 7 – Part 2

June 15, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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Earlier this week, we touched upon five of the Top Ten Reasons to Upgrade to Costpoint 7. Without further ado, here are five more compelling reasons to make the switch.

6) Avoid single-user locking issues – How many times have you begun to process a transaction, only to find out that someone else has left a screen open and you’re locked out? CP7 has been redesigned to minimize single user locking issues within most posting and processing screens.  Multiple people are now able to access “single user” screens and submit their selections to a queue for processing.

7) Identify errors faster with improved error handling – Tired of the endless loop of hitting save, receiving an error prompt, correcting the error, saving, receiving another error, and so on?  Costpoint 7 has greatly improved its error messaging. The biggest change? Returning multiple errors at once, enabling you to fix all errors before resubmitting your process. The new messaging system also provides “jump to” error links allowing users to identify and correct data entry errors quickly and efficiently.

8) The improved user experience – With Costpoint 7, Deltek has completely overhauled the end-user experience. For starters, the screens are more modern and improved for better management of the screen real estate. Also, the enhanced query functions  within Costpoint 7 allow for more power when searching for data. And, with dynamic menus, you can customize what’s being displayed based on the permissions of the end-user.

9) True Web has arrived for Costpoint – Costpoint 7 is 100% web. Yes! It has finally arrived and it’s the real deal!!! 100% web, true n-tier SOA based architecture, zero client/server, and 100% of product features available within the web enabled product.

Working from home? No problem. Checking reports at the airport? You got it. Accessing Costpoint 7 from virtually anywhere will greatly accelerate your business.

10) Improved user authentication methods – Costpoint 7 has expanded its user authentication methods by offering Active Directory, Single Sign-On, and Client Certificate support. Whether your users are in the office full time, consultants on the road, or remote, Costpoint 7 has an authentication method that will meet your security requirements.

Those are just ten of the reasons why you should be excited about upgrading to Costpoint 7. What do you see as the biggest benefit? Share with us below in the comments!

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