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User Security in Costpoint 7: Revenge of the Nerds Edition

July 23, 2012 | BY: NeoSystems
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It may seem like ages ago, but once upon a time, we were all high school students. Some may remember it fondly; others not so much. But we all know what it was like to be confined to a single social circle. No matter what clique you were a part of – the jocks, the nerds, the band members, the goth kids, or others – it was difficult to be included in more than one. Just like user security in Costpoint 6.

In Costpoint 6.1, employees can only be in one security group, which presents some difficulties for those responsible with system maintenance. How do you handle security access when employees go on vacation and their duties must be covered? What do you do when FTE’s are cut and employees are left covering multiple positions?

Likely, you review all of your user security groups to see if you can find a group that matches the new responsibilities of the employee. If not, you figure out what access is needed for which applications and then start entering overrides. Or, worst case scenario, you create a brand new user group.

Costpoint 7, on the other hand, allows employees to expand their horizons beyond just one group of security settings – meaning no more overrides or specialized settings. When expanding the rights of an employee, simply add a pre-existing security group to what they already have.

For example, let’s say Jim belongs to the “Billers” user group and Diane belongs to the “Project Setup” user group. Jim will be on PTO for two weeks and Diane is performing Jim’s job duties while he is gone. Diane needs the ability to access the same areas of Costpoint that Jim does, while keeping her normal access intact.

In Costpoint 7, there’s an easy fix. Just assign both the “Billers” user group and the “Project Setup” user group to Diane only. Diane will now be able to perform both her day-to-day responsibilities and cover for Jim’s absence at the same time. When Jim returns from PTO, remove the “Billers” group from Diane’s security and her normal access will be restored.

Thanks to Deltek’s added functionality, the nerds can sit at the same lunch table as the jocks and employees can cover for one another without messy overrides. It’s a beautiful new world.

Costpoint 7 has more functionality to assist in user security compliance and maintenance. Look for upcoming topics which will discuss some of the additional functionality related to Segregation of Duties and the ability to assign security by user, module, application, and result set for your Costpoint users.

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