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Where Did My Employee Go?

April 14, 2014 | BY: NeoSystems
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“One of our employees disappeared from Deltek Time & Expense; what did you do, and can you get him back?  ..and we’re getting ready to run payroll, so can you get this fixed now?”

At NeoSystems, we host software for clients – Deltek Costpoint, GCS, Time & Expense…  Microsoft Navigator…  Quickbooks…  and don’t forget TM1, Cognos…  not too long ago, we got a call like this one to Technical Support.

It’s human, especially if you’re trying to be helpful, to answer the question that was asked.  In such a case, one would check the logs – no upgrades, no outages, server is running…  Answer: “We did nothing.  It’s not the server.  Your application is running.  You might want to consult the Deltek Knowledge Base.”

That was not the answer the Tech Support person gave.  That would answer the question asked, but would it truly answer the question at hand?  No, one needs to dig just a little deeper.

To anyone familiar with Deltek GCS and Deltek Time & Expense, the answer won’t be too surprising.  The issue had nothing to do with Time & Expense or whether someone in IT did something.  It had to do with GCS, and really, it had to do with day-to-day processes and procedures followed by the person entering new employees.

The caller should not have been entering the new employee data in T&E.  He needed to enter the new employee data into GCS, which would provide the upload file (and over-write) Time & Expense.  Neo Tech Support provided the client with an overview of the correct process as well as step by step screen shot instructions.

Can we expect Tech Support to answer questions like this?  Where do you draw the line?  Do they need to know every application running by every client?

I feel lucky to work at a company like NeoSystems – we use the applications we host.  We offer Accounting services, Human Capital Services, and IT Services.  At the intersection or center of these 3 services is the infrastructure and best practices for the back-office.  With the synergy between the 3 services, Neo Tech Support has daily interactions with Accountants and HR personnel.  Now, to be fair, our IT people are not HR and Accounting experts, but they know how the software runs and a great deal about the day-to-day functions of these people.  And, when they do have a question beyond their knowledge, they have HR and Accounting experts nearby.

So, the next time you’re wondering: Where did my employee go?  I hope the person you call will not just answer your questions, but will help you solve your problem.

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