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Workflow Automation Tips for Costpoint Users Series – Sales Return on Investment – Part 5

June 29, 2016 | BY: NeoSystems
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In these final installments of our Workflow Automation series, I’ve been sharing how NeoSystems automated several of our critical business processes to speed approval times, improve security, and save money. Last time, I discussed how we decreased billing approvals from 15 days to one day. Two other processes that we improved significantly through automation are client referrals and new client onboarding. Read on to discover how automation enables us to onboard new clients in under a day.

Efficient Referral Submission, Tracking and Follow Up

If an employee knows of a company that could use NeoSystems’ services, he or she completes a short form in Integrify, and the workflow tool automatically routes the information to the sales department for follow up. Additionally, this process tracks the initiator of the referral so that person will receive a gift card bonus — an added incentive for making referrals. Once the sales department converts the lead into a new client, the streamlined onboarding process can begin in Integrify.

Because our sales department sells multiple services across multiple departments, a new client might span several service areas. Prior to automation, someone in sales had to send multiple emails throughout the organization, wait for responses, follow up if action were not taken, and track of the status of each new client task. The time to get a client through the onboarding process (and follow up on lost notifications) was more than a week — sometimes even a month. Our sales team could have spent this time better elsewhere — selling our products and services.

New Client Onboarding Reduced to Under a Day

Now that we’ve automated the process, our sales people can complete one form, hit a button, and based on form selections, the new sales contract will be sent to IT, HR, Managed Accounting Services, and any other department to which it might be relevant. Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve been averaging under a day from entry of the new customer information to completion of notifications and subprocesses.

The automated onboarding process even tracks and routes information on the commission approval for the sales people involved. This level of automation and traceability has allowed our sales team to get back to what it does best — selling — instead of worrying about the downstream performance of the individual departments.

By using Integrify, we have seen a real return on investment in time spent doing nonproductive tasks. The tool has gained traction across the company, touching our Sales, Contracts, IT, Human Capital Management, and other processes. We’ve now automated nearly a thousand requests a month — sometimes more. Join me next time to learn how automation improves NeoSystems document transmission, local file copy, and HR processes.

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