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NeoSMRT SPRS Platform

NeoSystems works closely with the public and private sectors to bring technology adoption to businesses of all sizes. As part of this critical practice, NeoSystems has enabled hundreds of clients and partners to swiftly prepare for their Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) readiness posture by offering managed security and educational programs.

cmmc supply chain management solution

NeoSystems has created a two-tiered program to assist prime contractors with informing their suppliers of the CMMC re­quirements. For prime contractors that only require notification to their supply chain, NeoSystems’ Tier 1 program, offered at no charge, provides basic outreach and reporting capabilities. For prime contractors with hundreds or thousands of suppliers, our Tier 2 option offers a customizable approach to training and outreach, including a portal that reports the status of their supply chain as they move through the CMMC process.

Tell Us About Your CMMC Supply Chain Challenges

The NeoSystems Supply Chain Management Solution offers assistance in several areas including supplier briefing, supplier registration, supplier training and supplier engagement reporting. The supplier training contains information for both tier 1 and tier 2 services, with tier 2 training being broken up into several modules. These training modules cover areas such as:

  • Introduction to CMMC
  • Certification Process
  • The Five CMMC Certification Levels
  • CMMC Preparation

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